The Wonders of June

  • June 1st: DS Lite released in Australia
  • 2nd: iinet installs DSLAMs in Cheltenham and start transfering customers to faster broadband. We buy a faster modem.
  • 3rd: Doctor doesn’t accidentally land in London and prevent an alien invasion.
  • 4th: Angelina Jolie turns 31
  • 5th: The one true iPod is supposed to be released but isn’t.
  • 8th: Mario returns (For sickos who like old Italian plumbers with moustaches)
  • 9th: Football World Cup begins. Get your betting caps on.
  • 12th: Public Holiday. Woooooo!
  • 14th: Lois and Clark season 1 DVD release
  • 15th: Brain Training released.
  • 17th: DS connection tour at Chadstone
  • 18th: DS connection tour at Eastland
  • 19th: Bug Off competition in Animal Crossing.
  • 20th: World Juggling Day
  • 25th: George Orwell turns 104
  • 26th: The one true iPod isn’t released again.
  • 29th: Superman Returns
  • 30th: Superman’s Birthday. He got back just in time for presents.

4 Responses to “The Wonders of June”

  1. You are forgetting of course that for the first few days of June it’ll still be Wee Week. And that’s not another Wii pun. I can’t imagine how it slipped your mind.

    Will you be purchasing Lois & Clark or was it just put in there to swell the numbers?

  2. Stupid sold out kmart.

    Just swelling the numbers.

  3. Fappr shows DS Lite availability in the States.

    On a comment related note, I can tab from the name field to the email field to the website field. The next place I tab to is not the message field. Can you fix this Tom?

  4. Your wish is my command, O Great One.