Whiter Whites and Brighter Brights


I’ve done it, I’ve caved. Too many people with too many DSes and it all got too much for me.

My White Stuff

Look at all the white shiny things. Now all I need is the iPhone and the OTViP which should be out any day never.

Also, I saw the Opera DS Browser which might be coming out soon here, too. In a way, the DS is an investment; if I can browse wireless networks with it, I’m less likely to get seduced by a laptop. Also, BioWare is branching out to the DS, so I’m guaranteed at least one good game in the future.

What impresses me most about the DS though is just the ease of multiplayer. To be able to sit down with one copy of Starfox or Big Brain Academy and play a game with five of your friends, with only a very small waiting period is really amazing. And, Mario is surprisingly addictive. Excuse me.


5 Responses to “Whiter Whites and Brighter Brights”

  1. I hope you and the fat italian plumber are very happy together.

  2. We are. He makes me pizza. Mmmmm.

    If I’d waited mere minutes I could have linked to some more recent iPhone buzz.

  3. It’s definitely an impressing product. If the Wii is this well done I’ll be a very happy person.

  4. the US’ largest cell phone provider doesn’t provide to my girlfriends street. its terribly fruastrating when i’m trying to call her on her mobile phone.

    who ended up winning the ninja turtles game?

  5. That’s annoying.

    Andy and Hazel won the Turtles game. It took them a while but Hazel’s l33t flipping skills won the day.