Wii should all start making puns


Or perhaps we shouldn’t. Because the last thing the internet really needs right now is another bunch of guys making jokes about this. But what the hell.

I’m not sure exactly how many jokes such a simple word can sustain. If I had to be exact I would say heaps. I have read hundreds of jokes today. You think they would stop, but they just keep on coming.

Andy and I were amazed.

Anyway I felt this site lacked a place dedicated to Wii jokes, so I made one. Notice how I’m not actually going to make any, because I’m off to bed.

Just leave you with one I stole from Eurogamer…

‘Hello mr games store owner, can I have a wii please?’

‘No, the bathroom is for staff only’


3 Responses to “Wii should all start making puns”

  1. What if the Queen buys herself one of the new Nintendo systems? Would that be the Royal Wii?

  2. Joke’s over. Everyone else has moved on.

  3. I thought Jackson would appreciate at least one pun after his invitation. My brother thought it was rude until I explained that the expression “royal we” wasn’t actually about the Queen going to the toilet, as a Yes, Prime Minister episode had joked.