Summer Break


It’s been a quiet time around the Grapefruit office while everyone’s away on summer break. Or at least, that sounds like a good excuse for the lack of things around here. I have been watching films and television, and playing games — I’ve just been a bit lax writing about them. I’ve only got three episodes of Battlestar: Galactica season one to watch and it’s still awesome. I won’t start reviewing it until I get to season two, though. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was great, too — I’ll probably review it too, at some point. Yes, I’m a little behind.

We got the yellow pages the other day. L-Z is now sleek and black with yellow highlights, an inverted A-K. I reckon A-K must be getting jealous. L-Z looks awesome. Speaking of awesome redesigns, the DS got a whole lot more sexy yesterday (or rather, it will) after the announcement of the DS Lite. A hot Australia Day was made even more annoying when I had to wipe the drool off Andy’s keyboard as he gibbered in the corner.

Finally, X3 seems to be getting a subtitle: ‘The Last Stand’. I don’t like subtitles. I don’t know where to put them on reviews. When X2 came out I saw ‘X-Men United’ bandied around the place but it’s not on the actual film. IMDb calls it a “promotional title”. After the film’s release they’re lost in the mists of time. Besides, what’s the point of doing subtitles when “The Secret of the Ooze” has already been taken? Nothing’s going to top that. X3 is apparently “the conclusion of this trilogy” according to some 20th Century Fox executive. I like how studio bosses are getting artistically involved in movies these days.


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  1. But it isnt the conclusion. I heard some of the people who are minor characters are already signed on for Parts 4 and 5. Though, thats just rumors.

    And there are talks of a Wolverine movie and even a Magneto one. smiles two of my fav characters! :P

    Hope you’re having fun on break!

  2. I disagree with your BSG is still awesome remark. I say it has become awesome. The robots look like people thing might have cut the mustard in the 70s but my first reaction was yawn. I was put off the show by Six’s constant kissing and baby killing antics, the humans’ complete unpreparedness for a sneak attack, Gaius’s whiney first impression and the probability of a Voyager style show.

    Sometime around the fourth episode, the show hit full stride with its travelling-through-space plot arcs in addition to compelling characters. Watching 3 episodes a week without ads helps maintain the momentum.

  3. I never had a Voyager fear due to the super-impressive opening mini-series. As such I suppose I was able to watch the first few episodes without annoying warning bells. Gaius to me was brilliant from the start — his antics framing the cylon at the end of the mini-series were great. As I said elsewhere, what I was really impressed with at the beginning was the incredible tension in each episode.

    The later episodes have been awesome too, but some of this religious stuff is starting to unsettle me slightly. Just a bit. Just a tad.

    I don’t believe the 70s series had Cylons that looked like people. I could be wrong though.

  4. Yeah, I heard the Juggernaut guy was contracted for more. It makes me nervous if they’re now saying it’s the last. Perhaps they saw the film and decided “no more of these thanks”. I’m nervous.

    A Wolverine film could be awesome. I’m slightly less interested in a Magneto film but it could be good. I’ve got a vague apprehension about the quality of superhero spin-off movies though. If they don’t get a decent director I won’t be hopeful.

  5. Hey guys, was wondering how to contact you all since the commcate things has gone.. but I surface again!(skillyfully dodges the flying roten fruit)

    HELLLLLOO!!!!! (Tiz Mike from NZ here) I’ve missed you all heaps over the years and from reading a bit on this site, it seems you’ve all been doing quite well! Great to hear!

    I’m still on MSN sometimes ( if you’d like to catch up there.. anyway, big news.. I’ll be in Melbourne, from the 8th of Febuary to the morning of the 13th, to meet up with my girlfriend, Kristyn who’s over for some job training. But was thinking it would be great to catch up with some of you if you’d be up for it, coffee or tea, or laksa or whateveritisyoudrinkthesedays on me!

    PS. Sorry for hijacking your thread Tom! – wasn’t sure how to start one, don’t think I can ;)

  6. Last time I tried to hijack this thread I got censored.

  7. On an unrelated note, I just saw the Battle Star Galatica season finale so Spoilers!

    That was tense. I’m glad we won’t have to wait for the next season to start. Maybe we should stop watching season 2 midway through to avoid spending months on a cliffhanger. There’s 20 episodes in season 2 btw. At our rate of viewing we should catch up just in time for the end of the season.

    I’m hoping that he won’t die because he’s too awesome a character to lose. As for her, they should probably execute her. I feel sorry for her but she’s prone to involuntary violence. Gaius might experience some blowback for his failure to detect her.

    Gaius’s last scene felt like a cyptic anime ending although it will probably be explained next episode. Do you think the Cylon’s plan is to kill humanity, make babies, create a new super race or none of the above?

  8. Hey there Mike! It’d be awesome to see you again. I think we’re all decent coffee drinking folk about here, though we’ve all experimented with tea. I’ll try to be online more so we can tee something up. But you can always hijack the comments here and leave messages too!

  9. Re: Battlestar… if he dies I’ll cry. I appreciated the many naked Boomers. Knowing that there are so many of her out there makes me more comfortable with one of them potentially dying.

    I hope Gaius doesn’t become a complete and unresisting pawn of Number 6. I like a bit of conflict between them.

  10. Gaius was independent for a while until Number 6 made him pray.

    Is it socially acceptable for a man to cry over the death of a character on tv?

    The Boomer on the planet will have to stay behind. Starbuck has a small ship. I’ll say this now before I have a chance to go home and check my facts (so I’m probably an idiot and didn’t notice) but I don’t think those Boomers were naked.

  11. And you’re nearly caught up with me!! Ish. Only 12 eps to go..

    Iiiiii knoooow what haaaappeens… Ner ner

  12. I think I’ll attempt to review all of season two. Hopefully with some guest spots from Andy and Jackson to keep things interesting.

    I’m now conditioned to think of entire seasons as 12ish episodes long (Doctor Who, season one of Buffy, Firefly, season one of Battlestar) so that seems like a big gap still!

  13. The tv networks, from my encyclopaedic knowledge of their inner workings, after seeing a pilot ask for a dozen episodes. When those do well they either get a second dozen for the first season or get a longer second season.

    As we watched SG-1 just before BSG last night, I was surprised when the cylons ambushing Chief, the cute girl and the nameless guy in the forest didn’t use staff weapons.