Sit down, Wii’ve got some bad news


Nintendo says “Wii will rock you.” By which they mean that they’ve renamed their next console. It’s not Revolution anymore. I don’t hate the new name. It’s unique. It’s … sigh … it’s just that it’s pronounced ‘wee’ — as in urine. I sympathise; I understand the troubles of choosing a name. But Wii?

I’m pro-choice. I believe that a baby should be brought into this world with a loving family or not at all. So that’s why this week I cancelled my DS Lite order. The price is not going to be dropped to the original price of US$169 for weeks, so I could have waited or incurred the import tax. Neither option is palatable. Would it be a loving family if every time you looked at your baby you thought how much it cost you a hundred dollars more than necessary? Or that you could’ve’d it weeks ago? I was chatting to a guy on the net and he said that he’s never been taxed even thought he’s imported lots of expensive stuff. Google showed me pages from the Australian government suggesting either a $250 limit or a $1000 limit. So I might’ve been able to import without the extra cost. It’s like being told your baby may be born with an extra foot or muscular dystrophy. I didn’t want to live with the uncertainty.

Other reasons for the cancellation:

  • My excitement about the DS Lite has gone. With the delays, price rises and Australia never getting anything first I feel bitter about the whole situation.
  • I was also worried that I would love one child more than the other, that I might shun the orginal as if it told me that it was emo.
  • Lik-sang have cancelled their payback points so the DS Lite and a recent games purchase would’ve got me up to 3/4 of a free game. No more.
  • The DS Lite has a different power cord to the original, so I would need an adapter of some sort. I’ll wait for the Australian release, whenever that is.
  • There’s also rumours of a black DS Lite.

I found it better to put the whole affair out of my mind.

On an unrelated matter, Mike, do you live in Auckland?


2 Responses to “Sit down, Wii’ve got some bad news”

  1. I’m not sure Mike reads this site that much. Email or something might work better.

    I’ve heard rumours of the One True DS Lite.

  2. If you know his email address then you can tell me. I’m not trying to contact him this way for kicks.

    The DS Lite is not the ‘true’ DS. That will come next year with larger screens, videos and be made out of the same stuff as the Magic Pudding.