Good Combinations


When the dog bites, when the bee stings, I simply remember my favourite things. And recently, many of them have been joining together, presumably for extra “not feeling so bad” goodness. BioWare are making an iPhone Mass Effect game. Gillian Anderson might be appearing in Doctor Who.1 There’s a Tom Baker style costume available in Rock Band. The Cosmic Machine have made EventBox, which combines Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and a few other things.

Also, the combination of me and a lack of swine flu is particularly gratifying.

  1. Although, she’s rumoured to be the Rani; perhaps the most sucky returning villain in Doctor Who history.

2 Responses to “Good Combinations”

  1. The kaching sound of the app store is drawing in more games companies. The DS version of Assassin’s Creed and the original Myst are also being released for the iPhone.

  2. I sassed Assassin’s, but had missed Myst.

    I live in constant disappointment that they’re not yet making Phoenix Wright for iPhone. It’s a much nicer screen for reading large amounts of text than the DS. You could have the whole testimony in front of you and swipe the bit you wanted to press. You could swing your arm out to point while yelling “Objection!” and have the game respond. Not so good in public.