Rebooting franchises is the new black recently, what with Batman, Bond, and the recent watercolourish Prince of Persia game. I was dubious about the latter, but I came around, and by the end had developed something of an affection for Nolan North‘s latest video game incarnation and for the cute chick who kept saving my bacon all the time.

But now what do I find? Ubisoft are debooting (unbooting? rerebooting? retrobooting?) their franchise to coincide with the new Jerry Bruckheimer Prince of Persia movie. The new game will be set between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within, and presumably explain the ancient mystery of how the prince became so unlikeable.

What about the cliffhanger ending to the ’08 Prince? What about Elika? What about the big god trying to kill the world? It seems our only hope for answers to these questions is some kind of unretrobooting. And that seems about as likely as Ang Lee making a Hulk sequel.


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