Tom’s Brand New Game Excitement


This won’t make sense if you’ve not read Andy’s announcement of yesterday.

It’s all thrills at this week. I know, it’s been quiet around here, but now, we have a game in development. And no one is more thrilled about Andy’s Animal Crossing RPG than I. Which makes me feel a little awkward as I steal the thunder somewhat with my new announcement.

I present to you the first build of my new RPG FPS Puzzle RTS. It’s called Jemima Pricklebottom in the Transcendent Pineapple World of Elgentwist: Modern Warfare. It’s early days yet, but with build 1 I think you’ll notice two key elements that set it a notch above Andy’s effort. Not that we’re competing or anything.

  1. You don’t need to install some crazy plugin to play.
  2. I’m not using that harsh and scary “black” colour. I’m more keen on a soft yet firm shade of #1b1b1b.

The game can be found after the link. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.











I know, right? Awesome. I mean, obviously improvements will come in days to come. And even if they don’t; well, at least you’ll know, based on this, that I’m working damn hard on something pretty impressive.


3 Responses to “Tom’s Brand New Game Excitement”

  1. This is exciting news Charman. You’ve kept it to yourself nicely, Mr Secretive.

    Now, I might be the dumb one, but all I can see is a bit of black screen above. Where’s the link? I’m totally getting into RPGs now.

  2. I’m very excited to see how you are going to blend those genres together. It could be a revolution in gaming. Unless … unless you’re being sarcastic. No, I can’t see any Sarcasm Marks so you must be serious. I’m very impressed by the game so far, although you might want to change the colour of the game so that it stands out from the background.

    In other news, I’m releasing a tablet device called iSlab 2.0 next week.

  3. It isn’t black, it’s an extremely dark dark gray. Frankly I applaud such innovation.

    What an exciting time. Competition within the same er… office can only be a good thing.