Time Warp


See my face? No? This is my frustrated face. Not only did I lose two reviews a week ago, but I’ve been unable to get in to put them back. Shockingly, our very first, and probably very last Marilyn Manson review is lost in the ether. Sorry Chris. Its time will come again.

So I’m minus two reviews, we’re about to get to the Doctor Who finale and my dreams of catching up with the schedule have been dashed. I have films I want to talk about. Zodiac. Pirates of the Carribbean. Blades of Glory. I mean, I could just say, here, “Good but slow,” “Ugh but Keira,” and “Funny but a bit tepid.” But I want to waffle.

I can, however, still write blog posts, I think. So here is one.

I’ve been learning about financial stuff at work recently. All sorts of things that I knew nothing about are opening up to me. General ledgers, natural accounts, accruals, commitments, cost codes. I thought I had a handle on GST, but there are things about that I find I had no idea of. I’m somewhat embarrassed that I can actually find reconciling a monthly account interesting. I can’t decide whether my ability to be fascinated by the most apparently dull things is a skill or a curse.

And now, five things that are pissing me off:

  1. This iPhone business. I can’t believe those ungrateful whingers in America are daring to complain that the thing has been overhyped. At least you can buy one! Spare a thought for the less fortunate than yourselves. No no no, not starving Africans. More fortunate than that. Closer to yourselves but not quite. Three months behind you in television, no iPhones. That’s us. Selfish buggers. Someone needs their priorities straightened out.

  2. Drifters. Those pedestrians who start to gently drift across the pavement just as you’re trying to overtake them on that very side. One day I’ll snap and I shouldn’t be held accountable.

  3. My inability to think of a third thing.

  4. The stuff I mentioned in the very first paragraph of this post.

  5. Point 3 again, but now with a more ‘five’ related theme.


7 Responses to “Time Warp”

  1. Why have a five things list if you can only think of three things? Should we shorten the list?

    I too, have many reviews to post but am unable to do so.

  2. Ha ha. Jackson already made that joke. Not only that, but he did it ironically.

    I over-estimated my general irritation. And then it felt dishonest to change the number. Also, three is barely a list.

  3. No, my joke is different. Jackson was talking about reviews that were lost. I’m saying that I’ve got reviews here that I can’t post. Same hilarious theme, except that once access is restored, I’ll be shown up as a fraud.

  4. Better hope access gets never restored then. Meet me later and we’ll discuss possible scenarios in detail.

    Who would want an iPhone, seeing – darn I can’t find the source that said it would be 2000 bucks. Anyway, 600 is also too much!

  5. ….it’s just a jump to the left.

  6. Too much for the only phone you’d ever want to have babies with? As if.

  7. Well, for babies I prefer different phones: about 170 high, just two buttons, a decent display with green background lighting, a not too high-pitched sound system, and a powerplug that only accepts my power cord. Talking about phones, I have my eye on this baby or perhaps even this cutie.