The Tale of the iTinerant iPod


Some day in October, 2005. Huh. You ran out of batteries after just an hour the other day. You’ve been fine today though. Probably not worth worrying about.

Some day in September, 2005. It happened again. Maybe I should return you. CRAP! It would have been free if I’d done it yesterday. $100? Bugger that. I don’t want to look like a fool and return it so soon after the date. I’ll look very clever by wandering round with a dying iPod.

Some day in February, 2006. You’re out of batteries? But I haven’t even gotten to the train yet! You could at least have the grace to konk out when I get to work. I’m not walking with you again. I can’t cope with the disappointment. I’m sending you away.

11am, 10th June, 2006. Ah, you’ve come back. Did she treat you well? Was it fun backing up icky PC data? Has your battery magically repaired itself? Let’s have a go. How long can you play Dark Side of the Moon for?

11.10am, 10th June, 2006. Oh dear. Right, it’s time to take action. Do Apple take Boodles? I’ve got 50.

15th June, 2006, $100 later. You’re being “diagnosed” are you? I told Apple what the problem was with you. They don’t trust me. Bastards. Hopefully the diagnosis will be “too old” and you will be replaced with the ONE TRUE VIDEO IPOD.

16th June, 2006. The “issue” has been “identified”. I remain hopeful, but the picture on the site still depicts your classic, ‘no moving parts’ form. Perhaps you’ll have a new shiny metal back at the very least. I am struck by a fear that the “issue” is my brief installation of linux. I mean, they don’t say “issue addressed”. Just “identified”. I’d already done that, dammit. I wanted them to fix the issue.

9am, 21st June, 2006. You have been returned to me! And by “you” I mean a completely new replacement 3rd generation iPod! So very shiny. The letter I receive with you specifies that you retain the Soul of my old iPod (but not the R&B, or the Country). I’ll charge you up and take you to work. Where are my headphones?

9.10am, 21st June, 2006. Noooooooo! Where are my headphones? Dammit. One day more.


4 Responses to “The Tale of the iTinerant iPod”

  1. Found them yet?

  2. It turns out, at some point in the last few months, I loaned them to my Dad. They were in his drawer.

  3. So everything is fine now? Long battery life? Does the misalignment bother you?

  4. The misalignment would bother me if it were a brand new new iPod. As a replacement I find I’m not fussed. If I got the ONE TRUE VIDEO IPOD and it was misaligned I’d be annoyed. The battery life seems excellent. I’m gradually overcoming my fear whenever a new song starts quietly that the iPod has conked out.

    Misalignment: For those who came in late, this new iPod’s front panel is slightly off kilter with the metal back, so it’s not quite flush at the joins. I wasn’t going to mention it online lest I sounded pedantic and obsessive. Hah!