The Second Effect of Mass

Mass Effect 2 Cover Art

It’s probably worth mentioning here that Mass Effect 2 is awesome, and in true Bioware fashion, insanely addictive. It certainly kicks Dragon Age into a cocked hat, at least on the Xbox 360. It looks amazing, and they’ve managed to strip away the clutter and annoyance of the previous game while still retaining everything that made the first game good. No more endless versions of the same weapon. No more “your inventory is full”, by virtue of not really having an inventory at all. Better combat. Funny dialogue. No more bloody Mako driving. Better implementation of persuade and morality choices.

It’s that last one that I’d like to expand on. You see, I’m normally a very good person in these games. I save the innocents, forgive the guilty, generally act like Jesus, if Jesus had a gun and awesome psychic powers. But now, you’re given the option at key moments in scenes to suddenly do something very good or very bad. And if someone’s standing right above a gas canister, well, how’s a person who likes explosives supposed to stop himself from blowing them up? Or, if someone of dubious character is stuck up against a full size glass window on a skyscraper, how do I hold myself back from kicking them out?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Bioware, not happy with simply stealing my free time, are now trying to corrupt me as well. Bastards.


One Response to “The Second Effect of Mass”

  1. I was going to post that we are all busy playing ME 2 but I was too busy playing ME 2.

    It’s a much more slick and fast paced game, having stripped out the fiddly RPG elements, though I’m not so keen on the way the game prevents back tracking during a mission. I’m constantly worried that I’m going to miss a side quest or some loot.

    I’ve been triggering every Paragon/Renegade quicktime event out of habit, though I’ve come to regret some of them, like an unprovoked punching a woman in the face incident. I can’t help pressing the button to see what happens, but it would be more in character if I let some of the renegade acts slide. Have you seen any of the QTEs that have a choice or are they strictly one sided?