The hunt for Sebastian ‘Lightning’ October (round 4)


Round 4: We were licked clean! The four spring traps set up with peanut butter have been cleaned out. They’re sparkling even. He’s a little bugger. He might be too light to trigger the trap. Or too clever.

Seb hasn’t eaten the peanut butter in the catch-’em-alive trap. Maybe he doesn’t like the look of it. Or was full from all the peanut butter from the other traps.

For round 5 I’ve got ham rind stuck to the trap as well as this device.


6 Responses to “The hunt for Sebastian ‘Lightning’ October (round 4)”

  1. Woo. Comments!

  2. That’s genius.

    I should point out that the lack of a ‘preview’ button today — and therefore the inability to post a comment — was not in fact a cock-up but a little bit of zen philosophy. What is the sound of one visitor not commenting? Think about that.

  3. The apostrophes in the title of this post are preventing the comments on the front page linking properly.

  4. Oh no it isn’t.

    Deny everything, they told me. Obfuscate.

  5. Oh yes it … isn’t. Nevermind. I must have been imagining it. Or unless — and this is going to sound crazy — I’m the key figure in an ongoing government charade; a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, trying to inveigle me.

  6. i belive it went somwthing like this link