The Diary of Alexander Flemming


There are many shows on right now in the Melbourne Fringe Festival so it can be difficult to choose which one to see.  To solve your dilemma, I recommend you see The Diary of Alexander Flemming because it has my girlfriend in it.  There, problem fixed.

Have you ever felt that the house you’re moving into has more history than you’ve been told? Often it’s just squeaky floorboards, faulty plumbing, or a room full of dismembered hands. But sometimes… just sometimes… your paranoia is right on the money.

The Diary of Alexander Fleming, is the story of an everyday guy in a supernatural setting. Tim needs a place to stay… badly. But the only place available is with a creepy landlord who smiles way too much. Against his better judgement Tim takes the room, but soon starts to suspect he’s not the only being residing in it. Can Tim solve the mystery without forfeiting his bond? Will he live to see the sunrise? The only way to know is to see the Diary of Alexander Flemming while you still can!

Circus Catharsis have successfully produced two other narrative circus shows The Frog Prince in 2005 which received the La Mama emerging script writers’ award and Evermind in 2006 which received the Circus Oz development award.

Dates 8th – 12th of October 2008 Venue: The Northcote town hall studio 1 Time: 8.30pm Tickets: $18 full, $15 concession, $10 groups of 5 or more Bookings: call the mellbourne fringe on 03 9660 9666 or visit


2 Responses to “The Diary of Alexander Flemming”

  1. I see your blatant plug is just rehashed from here — except of course that on that page, they at least managed to spell “La Mama” right. I thought you were a long time supporter of La Mama? That you attended the ‘Save La Mama’ benefit?

  2. Fixed. Actually, both our pages are copies of the press release. The formatting wasn’t behaving last night, so it’s not attributed properly.

    You might remember that I didn’t put my hand up when they asked who had seen a La Mama show, didn’t pay for my ticket, and left during the interval. So not exactly a huge fan.