Ah, what could possibly distract from the important task of writing essays and studying? Bearing in mind that these things must be accessible from the same places that I’m supposed to be doing work; i.e. my room.

Trailers. I’ve always enjoyed movie trailers but now Apple has high resolution trailers on their QuickTime High Resolution Gallery. QuickTime 7 introduced a new codec, eloquently named H.264, which makes the movie muchas smaller. The awesome Serenity trailer comes in a resolution of 1920×816, which is even bigger than my rather big 20″ LCD screen. Scary. Obviously these are only for people with bandwidth to burn.

TV. Doctor Who is nearing the end of its first season in the UK and is going from strength to strength. Alias finished with yet another of its trademarked irritating cliffhangers. Frankly, I’m getting a bit weary of the show. If Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber weren’t in it I’d probably abandon it at this point.

Games. Having seen Revenge of the Sith, I’m now able to play through the last third of LEGO Star Wars which is great fun. What I’m itching for is a game that makes some use of my new iMac though. I may have to order Neverwinter Nights quite soon.

Domains. The grapefruits.org domain is up for renewal soon. I’m vaguely tempted to change it to something like thegrapefruit.org given that grapefruits is completely wrong from a grammar point of view. But then, people are pretty used to grapefruits.org. It might well be the most spurious reason I’ve ever had for doing something so complicated.

Web Design. I don’t know how it happened but I’m working on a new grapefruit design. Semi new. Still the same header pics obviously as they’re a lot of work. It started when I dropped the yellow sidebar and as it hasn’t looked that good since I’ve decided to really go for it. Foolishly. But it wouldn’t be swot vac without a grapefruit redesign. It’s like a biological imperative.


8 Responses to “Swotting”

  1. Have you seen the new trailer for Harry Potter 4? I enjoy.http://www.apple.com/trailers/wb/harry_potter/thegobletoffire/

    Yay! And book six is so soon….I am such a geek…

  2. I have indeed. I liked the progression of the kids’ faces at the start. I think we can extrapolate from them that come the seventh film, Emma Watson will be really hot, Rupert Grint will still be irritating and Daniel Radcliffe will still look much the same.

    I hope the sixth book is better than the fifth.

  3. Cant WAIT for the next book… Eeeeeeeeeeeee….

    I’m a big girl, I am.

    Oh, and I have another website job for you/us Tom. One where actual money is the result. You know, like a job, job? Hooray for family friends in need of websites! Yippee!

  4. Tom, why didnt you like the fifth book? Hmmm….

  5. Shannon: Is it a nice easy one like Stand 21 or a nasty stupid one that I don’t want to hear about like Nutech?

    Jess: The fact that I can no longer remember what happened in the fifth book is one of the bigger reasons why I disliked it. I felt like that while reading it, too. Just a bit dull, really, and running about in that building at the end may work alright in the movie but was pretty crap to read about. In my opinion!

  6. Hah! Like I would ever go near something like Nutech again. No, no, very much a stand 21 job. About the same amount of work, maybe a bit less.

  7. Excellent, that’s what I like to hear.

    I looked again at Stand 21. I’m quite proud of it. It’s a bit simple but it’s almost elegant. I think. But then, I would. I’d like to make grapefruit look that elegant. But, more complex, obviously.

  8. I think one needs to see $$ signs to produce elegance. Its part of the instincts of survival – dont do anything brilliant unless you will be approprately reimbursed afterward. Ahuh. All part of the plan.