Sleep can be Awkward


I have recently developed a certain knack for falling asleep while standing on the train. Unfortunately there’s another skill you really should have in order to complement this ability, and that’s the power to stay upright while you’re sleeping standing up. Without this, it’s a useless ability. And it’s tricky to practice. Twice in two weeks I’ve almost fallen over in front of the whole train. Today, I also almost stole an old lady’s seat right in front of her because I thought I was making way for her to get out of the train. I don’t know when trains got this complicated.


How pretty’s that? Pretty pretty. You can get them in black, too, but only the top-of-the-range one. Because everyone wants the black. I’m staying with white though, because as has been pointed out, I’m a white supremacist. But I don’t forsee a time when I need a laptop. I do want a new iPod, though, one that can stop me from going to sleep on the train. But Apple keep holding out on delivering the





The bastards. I know they’ve got it hidden in Cupertino somewhere, I’ve read the rumour sites — and they speak truth, always. Or, if they don’t, they recap the truth so it sounds more like what they said.


5 Responses to “Sleep can be Awkward”

  1. Tie a rope to one of the handles attached to the roof of the train and tie the other end to your neck.

  2. I’m not convinced that this will help with the ‘people are giving me funny looks’ thing.

  3. heehee funny…

  4. the UNDERSCORE tribal UNDERSCORE mind.. stupid tom link rules…link

  5. That Joss Whedon, he’s a card. The way you say rules makes it seem like there’s more than one.

    There’s some controversy about the glossy screens on the MacBooks. I just put it down as a random adjective at first but it seems shiny screens have been gaining popularity on laptops for a while. The best thing though, is you can finally right-click with an Apple laptop (with one hand). Just keep two fingers on the trackpad and click, apparently. Personally I’d like to be able to tap it with two fingers to get the same effect but I’m not sure how feasible that is.