New Again


So, I was looking at the grapefruit statistics the other day, and I noticed something. Do you know, less than 1% of you have screens that are 800px wide?

So, I thought, it’s a bit silly to keep Grapefruit so confined. Today I’ve put up a liquid layout for the site that will give you oodles of space. The sidebar’s a bit chunkier so if you do have a small browser window the content may seem a bit squishy but I think everything will be just fine.

Well, except in IE — there’s still some bugs to work out there, concerning a few floating things and such. Nothing too super ugly, but this does bring me to my second point.

26% of you are using IE. Stop it. If you’re reading this in IE, you’ll notice a useful little badge at the bottom of the page saying “Firefox”. Click on it. Install it. Be happy. Make me happy. Browse secure.

Anyhow, hope no one’s induced to vomiting again by the site changes. It’s so messy.


3 Responses to “New Again”

  1. I’ve heard that MS is going to buy Firefox.

  2. Also, there are one or two minor glitches in IE 5. I hate to think what IE 4 users are seeing. Probably vomit all over the place.

  3. No one with IE4 has ever visited us, luckily. I look forward to our first IE7 visitor.