Doctor Who update – Andrew edition


As our regular Who correspondent is AFK,1 I’m stepping in to relay this important news.  Some guy called Matt Smith has been cast as the new Doctor,  replacing David Tennant whenever he decides to leave.

Having seen Tennant replace Eccleston, I think I’ve got this being a Who fan thing down.  First I’ll say that I don’t care for the new guy’s foppish hair, and that he could never replace the current Doctor.  Then perhaps I’ll moan about why Tennant has to leave and savour the last episodes with him.  Sometime next year, when I see the new guy in action, I’ll initially hate him for replacing Tennant but quickly change my tune and decide that the new guy is the best ever. 2

  1. Actually he’s away from broadband at the moment, unless he’s lost his iPhone, but AFB doesn’t have the same ring.
  2. Especially if he brings Billie Piper back.

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