Microsoft won’t release their 250gb hard drive separately.

Greenberg told Joystiq that limiting the release of the console is “part of what makes it special”

Huh. Ironically, not letting people get hold of a large hard drive without buying a whole new Xbox is part of what makes Microsoft complete jerk-offs.


5 Responses to “Bastards”

  1. If it is a consolation, if it was released they would probably price it at something silly like $300 – making anyone who did buy one a bit retarded.

    Possibly not the point you were trying to make – but if you do want a 250GB HD buy a much, much cheaper one on eBay or something.

    On a side note the FFXIII xbox looks disappointing – after the uniqueness of the Halo console they’ve gone for the “It’s just Red” Resident Evil console and now the “It’s White!” FF console (at least, it appears that way).

  2. 20GB ought to be enough for anybody.

  3. Now that it has been announced as a separate accessory for the US (and presumably Australia to follow) I suppose you are kind of obligated to buy one!

    As an aside, the 250GB drive was being sold separately by Microsoft weeks before you posted this – so it makes Greenberg sound like a bit of a douche.

  4. Dammit, I was hoping to get here first and claim that my considerable influence had made the whole thing happen. Which it obviously did. Ahem.

    So if it’s only just been announced as a separate accessory for the US, how were they selling it weeks before this was posted? I’m probably missing something.

    I suspect Andy will buy one before me.

  5. Yay Microsoft! We can even use our memory sticks as MUs and put our save games on them!

    Boo Microsoft! Mine fails the data test or somesuch. Not only can’t I use the nifty new feature, but the xbox has driven a wedge of distrust between me and my new shiny stick.