2008 is not now, not even close


Dear God. All this sucking up to you, America. Free Trade Agreements. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Showing The World According to Jim on our televisions. And still, we don’t get the Apple iPhone at the same time as you bastards.

What was it all for, I ask myself? What was any of it for?

The iPhone looks awesome. It’s arguably the One True Video iPod (but with a small hard drive and battery life). The interface looks sweet as. It has wi-fi. It can tell when it’s on its side. And they won’t be releasing it in Asia until 2008. Oh, how I am fuming. It wouldn’t be so bad, but we only just started 2007! Gaaaaah!

Steve Jobs doesn’t care about Asian people.

The Apple TV is less exciting, but far more available. I’ll have to do some investigating into what sorts of video can be played and streamed, but it seems like a nice alternative to an actual media centre PC.

Oh, woe is me. The One True Video iPod Slash Phone has arrived and I’m not one of the chosen ones.

Meanwhile, Canadians have sneakily been showing Stargate without telling me. Sneaks!

We had our first ever (and most successful) review-a-thon last Wednesday, in an attempt to catch up on Battlestar Galactica. You’ve seen the partial fruits of this endeavour. As the review-a-thon drew to a close, Andy told us he had done two reviews himself, and promptly went to sleep. It’s been a week now. I’m not calling him a liar. I’m calling on you, the people, to bash down his door with flaming torches.

I mean, the door to his room. Not the front door. That might irritate Jackson. Try to keep your wild cries and angry chanting to a minimum as you enter the house.

I’m not addicted to these new asterisks. I could stop any time I wanted.


12 Responses to “2008 is not now, not even close”

  1. Your asterix’s look quite silly to one who views the site in white mode :)

  2. Oh, and, so I cant be accused of not telling you these things in future, the poms have started airing SG1 also. 10e11 is great! :)

  3. Tsk! I made the white asterisks and forgot to link them!

    I shall fix them. And I noticed that those sneaky poms were up to stuff. I was on the alert, this time.

  4. When is the iPhone being released in America? I pop over there every 6 months or so (just got back).

  5. Pfft. That iPhone is crap. The time isn’t 9:41 and you can’t keep fish inside a phone. There isn’t enough space. And I heard that you have to sign up with Cingular. Do you know what their coverage is like over here? Also, no wireless syncing. That puts it equal with the Zune.

    I like the term High Technology though.

  6. Cingular is (at least in Hawaii) a pretty terrible network to be on. Unfortunatly lots of people have it. Kinda like Windows.

  7. There’s so many problems with the iPhone. Apple really dropped the ball on this one. Other problems you may not have considered:

    • The iPhone will scratch if stored in a pocket with everyday items like nails, steel wool, and broken glass.

    • No poking out bit to help me scratch my back. The back scratching community won’t be pleased with the iPhone.

    • No sidetalking. Another missed opportunity to be cool.

    • Does not fit in a phone condom

    • Does not include a mini projector

    • No expandable media in a proprietory format. Look how well Sony are doing with their memory stick pro and UMD products. Apple should get a piece of that action.

    The iPhone is out in June in the States, late 2006 for Europe.

  8. Here’s hoping that over here, they use a better carrier.

    I have a nasty feeling that an imported iPhone wouldn’t work. Perhaps I’m wrong though.

  9. Don’t gloss over my problems. What happens when I’m carrying an iPhone and I ask a sexy girl if she wants get into the hot tub and she asks if I have protection? I’ll have to say “no sorry”, and there’ll be no hot tubbing.

    The back is quite wide. Did Apple think about putting a solar panel on it? If I’m driving along watching a movie and calling a friend, the battery isn’t going to last long. I could hold it out the window and it would charge up, if it was solar powered.

  10. I’m sure if you went to New Orleans or any other city down south, you’d be able to find protection to fit the iPhone.

  11. I’m possibly wrong. But I’m leaning towards thinking that an imported iPhone will work over here, obviously without some of the features. I see know reason why it wouldn’t, short of Apple making a deliberate effort to stop you.

    The main problem I see, is that all the pricing they’ve given is WITH a two year contract with cingular. Are they even going to sell iPhones by themselves? Even if they did it’s going to be even pricier.

    Still, I’m sure once they are released in America we’ll find out if they work soon enough.

  12. Pah, who needs an iPhone anyhow? I’ve got a perfectly good DS Browser right here.