Redemption, Part Two


Well what do you know, they DO save the planet. I didn’t see that coming. There are a couple of nice moments to this episode, but unfortunately they don’t outweigh the bad. Neil Dennis is not solely to blame though, today I pin it on the writers.

Seeing some competition for Sam was refreshing. It seems every time Stargate Command is in danger Sam Carter comes up with the plan to save the day, and all on her own, sitting in her little lab. In Redemption Part Two, George must have thought they were in the extra dangerous kind of imminent danger because there was an entire team of scientists (you can tell they were scientists because despite searching for solutions using computers at a military base, they were all handily wearing lab coats) coming up with solutions. If only it weren’t that brat Jonas who came up with the master plan. Also, the ‘science is an art’ speech made for a very nice analogy, or at least I, representing the scientifically challenged portion of Stargate viewers believed so. But that’s about where the good ends.

The writing for every scene between Teal’c, Bra’tac and Rya’k was utter dribble. I’m sure they were saying useful sentences every now and again, but I swear all I could hear was “Hey, lets state the obvious some more to help along our clearly unintelligent audience.” Nothing irks more than television or film unnaturally over-scripting a scene merely for the benefit of over-clarifying the plot. An example being when a character picks up a phone and repeats back everything said by the person they are speaking to, so that the audience can hear both sides of the conversation (“Oh, so you are calling to inform me of the following things…”). If I ever hear Teal’c say “There is little time to waste” amid an already well established time sensitive mission again, I will be personally flying to Vancouver to kick Rick Anderson’s butt. Honestly, that’s what editors are for. Grrr.

Sam’s complete character shift from detesting Dr. McKay, to kissing him goodbye and admitting she was attracted to him was out there. Where did that come from? He’s still an utter twat, dammit! Hmm… I’ll have to attribute that to being on a high from saving the planet yet again.

Having said all that, I am of course glad that SG-1 did indeed save the planet, and the Stargate program, paving the way for some more crap episodes as we await the return of Daniel Jackson like faithful fans. Would someone help me out as to why I decided to start my reviews with the one season that doesn’t feature my favourite character? Oh well, Jonas can’t stay this annoying forever… right?


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