…and I’m spent.


Ah… A new layout, and more importantly some new reviews to go with it! Hopefully in the future Andy and I will catch up with our Angel and Buffy reviews… I’ve got Gosford Park to review later also… I hope everyone enjoys the shiny new design. The more observant of you may have noticed a lack of blog updating recently – this will hopefully change when Jackson works out a new system for us.

One of our reviews is by the ever-insightful Jimbo ‘FilmBEAST’ Jones — I recommend his site, which reviews Hong Kong cinema (in an especially accessible way, this week!). I’ll be posting his non-Honkie reviews here for your enjoyment! I myself need to get watching more films. Hopefully I’ll manage to see The Dancer Upstairs this week.

Before I go, my friend Carol offers a one-word review of Bruce Almighty: Crap.


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