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Good food, good wine

10:43:55 AM: One hour late. Good start. I wants me some food. And wine.

11:13:14 AM: I’m live blogging the good food and wine show by the way. If I ever get in. The queue is long.

11:26:44 AM: Tasty pies! Get out of my way fat people!

11:37:23 AM: This yellow pancake is a bit stringy. Ew! It’s a shammy! Uck.

11:48:07 AM: There’s a big penis on the wine show screen! This is filth!

12:26:50 PM: What evil genius invented Ginger wine?

12:35:40 PM: 2007 Woodhenge is yummy. Mmmmm.

1:25:14 PM: Roast potatoes in chip form: Thomas Chipman rosemary and thyme.

2:12:27 PM: Honey doughnuts > non-honey doughnuts.

2:54:01 PM: My feet hurt and I’m a little tipsy. Time to leave.

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What’s for Breakfast?

Here at atypicalreview, we’re putting ourselves on the line every weekend to find out which cafes in Melbourne you should be getting your breakfasts at. We’re just selfless and wonderful that way. We were going to review them but we were too busy being selfless and wonderful, so instead we’re making a map.

View Melbourne Breakfasts in a larger map

Much easier. If you’ve got a google account, you should be able to keep that in “My Maps” section, and refer to it next time you want to eat somewhere. If you want to add content yourself, just let me know.

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Paris is a city I could grow fat in. After arriving on Cheapo Airlines, we quickly established a routine. Up at about 10, we ambled down to a nearby cafe for hot croissants, coffee and juice. Sated for the moment, we would head towards our destination for the morning, picking up a little something for sustenance from one of the backeries, maybe a pain au chocolate or a chocolate macaroon. These little chocolate morsels are to get us warmed up for Brugge and its multitude of chocolate shops. Then we look at something old until midday when we find a cafe for lunch, maybe a crepe, baguette or an omelette and some more coffee. Then perhaps another old thing and some beef bourginon, french onion soup or steak with garlic butter for dinner. It’s tough.

Pros – Delicious food. Cons – Ordering food in a foreign language can be hazardous.

7 /10

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Marshmellow Man

She started cutting the Marshmallows in half again today. A cost cutting measure that will redefine the hospitality industry. An approach that is so beautiful in it’s simplicity that cafe owners everywhere will wonder why they didn’t think of it first.

Such is the way with all great inventions.

Actually I’m sure there must be better ways to make more money. Ones that aren’t embarassing and reflect poorly on us. I mean people know they aren’t getting a whole marshmallow. The severed end dries up and looks mangy. Magnificent spongy balls of confection made virtually inedible.

We never confront her of course. Our main method of communication is forging entries for the suggestion box. Sometimes one of us will make a joke, but we make sure to say it quickly so it is beyond her ability to understand. It’s fair enough — they scream at each other in Chinese all the time.

In any case we’ll have to wait a while before we make use the suggestion box again. I think she was starting to recognise our hand writing.

And in something unrelated — people who fancy themselves as sophisticated really irritate me when they say the word “accessible” (in the context of music or and other art) like it’s some kind of criticism. Get over yourself.

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