Everything’s a bit quiet around here at Christmas time. I’m busy, of course, buying presents, and relaxing, and watching The X-Files, and gleefully anticipating Doctor Who‘s ‘The Christmas Invasion’. But I thought I’d just blog about a few random things to keep things ticking over here.

  • There’s a bit of a TARDIS invasion going on in the ‘Recent Weblogs’ section. Can no one save us?
  • Talkback callers continue to whinge about Christmas not being as Christmassy as it usually is. I haven’t actually noticed anything different, but if there is I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a reaction against the commercialisation of Christmas.
  • But then, Southland has been insanely busy all week, so that’s not likely.
  • I’m rubbish at watching proper television now. I need to get an EyeTV, or a DVD recorder, or something. I have only the vaguest of awareness of what day it is at the best of times.
  • I’m in the next St Leonards Old Collegians Association musical, in the chorus, but I have one scene as a crazy spiritual therapist called Dr Mandril. And I’m supposed to do it in an American accent. If Jess or Sara are reading this they’re probably cringing already.
  • Speaking of, where’s the Harry Potter review, Jess? Don’t give me that “I’ve got a full time job and a life and it’s Christmas and I’m busy” excuse. Do you know how often I hear that?
  • Finally, Andy and Matt have gone to Perth for the holidays to be with their families. This slightly reduces the number of gaming systems Andy has access to, and it’s my fervent hope that he might write something for Grapefruit again.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


9 Responses to “Yuletide”

  1. I’m sticking my tongue out at you Tom, you just can’t see it.

    And Harry Potter? Who in the world is that? All I can think of are Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy… :P

  2. Oh, I believe it.

    I’ll take any reviews at this stage. Andy’s abandoned me, I’m not fussy. Is tCoN:tLtWatW any good? I might see it tonight.

  3. It was amazing. I loved it and was pleased with how well it went along with the book. You’ll probably enjoy it.

    Plus there was the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer! Aw, Johnny Depp….So excited!

    And I saw the trailer for X3 which blew me away. I cannot wait until May of next year now. :P

  4. new scubs!

  5. Out of context, that sounds gross. Would you like some kind of face creme?

  6. Ok now I don’t have my own blog, so I’m posting this here. Really, this is all the more shameful to put it in Tom’s blog comments because he is going to, well, put me to shame. Against Matt I might have stood a chance at walking away with my head held high.. but anyway.

    So I just cast my vote in the At the Movies viewer’s poll of best films of 2005. link They have a list there of all 330 (I counted.. Well, no, ms word counted) films released in Aussie cinemas between Jan 1st and Dec 31st.

    And here’s the utterly shameful part. I only went to the cinema 6 times the whole year. Why’s that so shameful? It doesn’t really sound that bad as a number, but I like going to the cinema, and I would love to think that I have the culture to go once a fortnight..ish. Once every two months, are you kidding??

    But the worst is yet to come. Because you see, culture does not factor into it in any way. Here is the list, I am horrified to say, of the 6 films I went to see this year.

    Alfie, Finding Neverland, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, In Good Company, Kinsey, Mr and Mrs Smith, and Pride and Predjudice. Not one foreign language film. Not one Australian film. How can I rightfully vote in a poll this year when this is all I am picking my top three from?!

    Now, to be fair, I have rented a few more on dvd since. These were The Aviator, Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Elektra (I’m ashamed to say), Fantastic Four (even more shame), Hitch, and The Interpreter. I saw The Island on a plane for crying out loud.

    The singular possibly redeeming note along this entire list is Kinsey (which was brilliant, I recall) but one good one does not make up for an entire year of ONLY BLOCKBUSTERS (you shameful, mindless, git of a sheep Shannon!) and not only that, a grand total of SIX!! (Cos I don’t know that renting dvd’s counts..)

    I’ve no doubt that none of you care. Only Tom is reading this still, I’ll bet. But.. wow. I am.. just.. crap. I could have sworn A Very Long Engagement was 2005..

    At least I have found my new years resolution – go see a bloody film!! And if possible, try to squeeze in something made anywhere other than Hollywood. Oh the pitiful shame…

  7. I haven’t seen enough films either, recently. It’s possible that films in 2005 just weren’t that good. It’s a shame you didn’t manage to see Serenity.

    I should point out that your list of films you saw has seven films in it, not six. And how come Pride & Prejudice doesn’t count as a solid movie? Doesn’t it get points for being a) not american and b) based on a classic novel? And c) for being quite good.

    Anyhow, I take up your resolution for myself as well.

  8. Not only did I miss Serenity (didn’t know it was out until it wasn’t anymore. Dammit!!) but i missed Les Choristes, Closer, Crash, Hotel Rwanda, House of Flying Daggers, Look Both Ways, Mad Hot Ballroom, Million Dollar Baby, Millions, Ray… the list goes on and on.

    And gee, i guess counting really isn’t my strong suit, hey?

    Pride and Prejudice counts for being a good film. Let me be clear, I think all seven were good films, its just that they’re not really good for the street cred of an arts student. Not that that particularly bothers me. Shmeh.

  9. Yeah, I figured we were talking arts cred, I just reckon P&P has got some. If an arts student hasn’t seen every Austen adaptation made while they were alive then can they really be called an arts student? Unless they’re boycotting them righteously.

    I didn’t see those films either. Mind you, I was dubious about House of Flying Daggers after Hero. But Closer and Million Dollar Baby sounded good.