I’m typing this through my iMac. Oh, the whiteness. Oh, the speediness. And suddenly I have an awesome TV in my bedroom, kind of.

I’d write more, but I’ve got settings to fiddle with.

Oh, and Revenge of the Sith was quite good.


7 Responses to “Sweet”

  1. so how was the super week in the end? As much as you’d hoped for?

  2. Yeah man- so much so that I’ve just sent Tom a review. I liked it but my take is some what different that other people’s. My other half thought it was Lame and the love story between Amikin and Padmae annoyed him lots.

  3. Yep, a fine super-week. I doubt I’ll have a better one as long as I live.

    I think we’re all going to have to do a super-review of Star Wars. Or I’ll upgrade my multiple-reviews-of-one-thing system. I agree about Anakin and Padme’s romance. Man.

  4. Speaking of the romance

  5. Nice Cartoon, Yoda telling Luke to get an active sex life to avoid turning to the dark side. That would be that key words alt sex key word thing again. Te he he… Go on Tom run that review they are gagging for it.

    Speaking of Geeks and things that are geeky vs. wives/other halves/girl friends…

    Currently Guild Wars has my other half in thrall and I mean that in the total Vampire- Masquerade terms.

    Just how much game time is it socially acceptable??

    I once meet a guy who was unemployed for 2 years. He collected the benifit and would start his day at 1 in the afternoon, go on line and play ever quest or “Ever Crack” as some people have named it- and finish at around 7am the next day. Catch some ZZ’s then get up at 1 and do it all over again for 2 years.

    Guild Wars probably isn’t in the same league- but just how much time is a standard session???

    There was I admit in my own recent unemployed days a day or two when nothing got done but the Telos mission in Knights of the Old Republic and bin night was taken care of- but out of curiousty what is a standard session???

    Would fair readers of Grapefruits care to comment??

  6. “that key words alt sex key word thing”

    Er, what?

    That’s a good cautionary tale for potentially excessive gamers. The best way to limit one’s gaming is to share one console with three other people. The system stops working when you get over one console per person.

  7. From your lies dam lies comments about key words plugged in to web site crawlers that bring up this fine fine web site.

    Ahh so it’s not amount of time per session it’s the PC to human ratio. Ooh dear we have per head of house hold 2 PC’s for two people.

    Good news is that currently the other half is on night shift so he has the hearse- but he’t to tired to “Guild Wars” it hense no need to worry. The hearse means on call period and tiki tours around Melbourne for him- sleeping for me. Thank god new job starts on Monday…