San Francisco – A summary


In many ways San Francisco is very like Melbourne. They are both bayside cities with temperate climates, no particularly exciting tourist attractions (OK, SF has Alcatraz but that is about it), but a very pleasant, laid-back, comfortable atmosphere. I am sure San Francisco’s weather forecasters also claim it is ‘the world’s most liveable city’. While SF is much smaller — less than a million people — it does feel a lot more like a major city but is still very manageable.

Pros: Great record shops. Great live music. Good pubs serving good beer. Nearby good wine region. Great friendly atmosphere. Plenty of open spaces. One of the world’s best public transport systems. Good restaurants.

Cons: Umm, this might be a struggle. Very hilly making it difficult to travel by foot (not that you really need to with the public transport). Lots of homeless people. I think that is about it…

Score: 9/10

On to New York…


4 Responses to “San Francisco – A summary”

  1. I’m shocked, Andrew, yes, shocked, to hear you say that Melbourne has no tourist attractions. Clearly you are forgetting the sheer magnificence of that big grey bird near Spencer Street Station. Many’s the time an American has stopped me in the street to ask where the hell that bird is that they’ve heard so much about back home. And I have told them, why, it’s over there, near Spencer Street Station, facing away from you, looking superb and austere. And they say, thank you, thank you, I love you.

  2. What about the old sunken library of victoria opposite melbourne central? I think it was stupid to build the new one over the top of the old one as it will eventually sink in to the pavement too.

  3. And then, they will simply build a third one on top of that. This is the same way diamonds are forged – layers and layers compressed over time. Smart people they are.

  4. So you’d end up with incredibly dense knowledge strata, where you could just sit vaguely near and learn things through osmosis.