Returning the Sky


A few weeks back, I was checking all my nifty RSS feeds when I noticed that were announcing preview screenings of the Firefly movie, Serenity, in Victoria. I rushed over (in an internet sort of way) and booked me some tickets. Of course, the screening wasn’t in a sensible place like Southland or the Jam Factory; it was in Knox City.

I had a look on the Melways to see how far away that was. It didn’t seem so bad, I thought, but I was looking at the map of the whole of Melbourne, and nothing looks too far on that one. And so it was that we were still driving ten minutes after the preview screening was supposed to start. People who know me will have a good idea of how stressed I was, though it wasn’t showing as much as usual in my driving, I flatter myself (probably without justification).

My brother’s friends were already there, and making the sort of panicky phone calls that I would have been making had I been in their shoes. Everyone else was bagging them though so I joined in and pretended like I wasn’t a stressbag.

Knox City, it turns out, is arranged like a segmented fortress, and not every car park links up with the others. Cue more panicked driving, panicking, rushing about, until finally I run into the cinema, give my credit card, get the tickets, run up to cinema 2…

And find a queue a mile long, populated by a group of nerds ranging from our high-class level to 50-something fan-club presidents. The 50-something fan-club president was actually standing next to us in the queue and insisted on talking to us. Friendly, if somewhat irritating. Once we got inside we discovered that while the huge nerd contingent didn’t look huge, there were enough of them to make the cinema smell rather like a meeting of the Doctor Who Club of Victoria.

On the way in, a man swiped a metal detector over us a few times, and our phones were taken; thus disabling our cunning plan to record the film with camera phones taking 5 minute movies at a time. They looked at us suspiciously when we each handed in 6 phones but they didn’t say anything.


4 Responses to “Returning the Sky”

  1. Damn! and im done on my nerd meeting quota for this week. shame i couldnt go. shucks!

  2. You would have loved the guy in the queue, Matt. Just your sort of person. But as far as nerd-meeting goes he was the only one that we had to converse with. Apart from ourselves of course.

  3. Incidentally by the way not strictly on topic but for your information…

    The comments on the blog aren’t working so well. I fixed one problem and made another. We’re back to having to preview and then post, with the added oddness that it doesn’t remember what you posted and you have to type it in again.

    So it’s best to just type a little crap in and get to the submit stage, then write your message. Apologies for the inconvenience. I don’t know what’s going on.

  4. The preview is now working fine. Ignore that comment up there. Nothing to see here. Except the posts, you can see the posts. And the comments.