Phone Finding


Every now and then I wander around the interweb looking to see if any Australian phone companies are offering bluetooth mobiles that work with Salling Clicker. This sweet little program allows me to go past the usual address book synchronising etc, and do some nifty stuff like:

  • Allow me to use the phone as a remote control for my iMac (i.e. watch a DVD in bed and turn the computer off without getting up — laziness perfected).
  • Pause iTunes when I leave the room and restart it when I come back. Actually, I wouldn’t use this so much because it’s always a pressure to remove my phone from its prime sterilization position.
  • Change my Adium (chat program) status. Okay, this one’s pretty useless too.
  • Remote control of PowerPoint, while showing me the slides on the screen as well — so I can face the audience proudly! Yes, yes, also unlikely to be used.
  • Did I mention the remote control business? It can browse my entire iTunes library remotely, and even scan through songs.

Having written those out, it all seems a bit superfluous, doesn’t it? Certainly not worth spending a heap of money on. So it’s lucky that that’s not my plan. Enter the Panasonic X700, for just $1 on Optus’ $25 plan!

There’s drawbacks, of course. Apparently the camera ain’t so good (not really an issue for me) and the battery life isn’t brilliant either (more of an issue). Apparently it’s well behind other phones technologically speaking; but then, it’s way cheaper, so that checks. I’m as yet undecided. Advice?


10 Responses to “Phone Finding”

  1. What does this phone have that your current one doesn’t? Just bluetooth and a camera?

    I never feel the need to have the latest phone, as I don’t know that I would use the other features. It’s a good cheap phone so I guess it just depends if you want the features more expensive phones have.

  2. Just bluetooth? Er, yes. But that’s super-duper useful. I glossed over the synchronisation of address book and calendar but that’s the biggest part for me.

    I think I might go for it after all. I was considering some more expensive Nokias today but frankly, all I want is a good cheap phone that does everything it’s supposed to.

  3. You dont text message with two thumbs then, I take it? Buffer issues, you know.

  4. I do, but not quickly. How quick would I need to be to experience these… buffer issues of which you speak?

  5. I’m not sure how to measure the speed.. Nokias have the fastest buffer. Panasonics and Motorolas don’t keep up. You can figure it out though – type a message on your current phone and see if you are using the buffer or not. If not, don’t worry about it and get your stylish panasonic.

  6. A quick test reveals that I’m not even remotely fast enough to catch up sensibly with my phone. Even if I type one word quickly I pause between every word. I’ve seen you messaging, Shannon, you’ve got super-human texting skills and I don’t think us mere mortals need worry.

  7. I have the phone. It’s shiny.

  8. There’s nothing super-human about it, its all about economics – use both your thumbs. That, and I waffle. I don’t really think about what I’m typing before I type it.. stream of consciousness in 160 characters.

    I like your new phone. Its super shiny.

  9. I use both my thumbs, but I don’t touch type yet, or anything near it. Every time I type I look at the key I’m about to press, it really slows you down. Waffling wouldn’t help me!

  10. Yes, I meant to imply that waffling was bad. Don’t waffle. You only need to type as fast as I do when you are talking crap. In your case, no need.

    Now why on earth are you looking at the letters? I know you know where they are. Relax… let go… trust that you are pressing the right button and watch the screen dammit!