Paris is a city I could grow fat in. After arriving on Cheapo Airlines, we quickly established a routine. Up at about 10, we ambled down to a nearby cafe for hot croissants, coffee and juice. Sated for the moment, we would head towards our destination for the morning, picking up a little something for sustenance from one of the backeries, maybe a pain au chocolate or a chocolate macaroon. These little chocolate morsels are to get us warmed up for Brugge and its multitude of chocolate shops. Then we look at something old until midday when we find a cafe for lunch, maybe a crepe, baguette or an omelette and some more coffee. Then perhaps another old thing and some beef bourginon, french onion soup or steak with garlic butter for dinner. It’s tough.

Pros – Delicious food. Cons – Ordering food in a foreign language can be hazardous.

7 /10


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