Out of the Wood


Argh. Two weeks without the internet! How on earth did I survive? Well, alright, I saw plenty of the internet, but that’s not the point. The point is, it wasn’t on tap at all times. The point is, I couldn’t possibly have been paying much attention to ATR. But this will change.

I don’t know why the notables on the front page stopped turning up. It’s something of a mystery which I’m hoping a fresh install of SimplePie will solve in a “I never quite worked it out” sort of way. They’ll be back soon in a slightly expanded way, with yet another subtle tweaking of the front page. It’s amazing; once you get bored of the shiny factor, sliding review titles suddenly seem massively pointless.

I also don’t know whether Torchwood, the new Who spinoff, will be any good, but early signs are encouraging. SFX Magazine have a little run-down of all the characters which is one of the most encouraging things I’ve seen. Early vibe seems to suggest it’ll be a little like Angel (Whedon’s shows are a major influence according to Russell T. Davies) but with aliens instead of demons, brits instead of yanks, and added swearing.

This encourages my fervent hope that one day, I will see an episode of science fiction telly where something horribly wrong, life-threatening and scary happens, and a character says simply, “Fuck”.


4 Responses to “Out of the Wood”

  1. they say “frell” or “frek” or whatever it is in farscape

  2. It’s just not the same! I want proper cussing.

  3. The Doctor should swear more. It would appeal to more people if he was edgy and in your face. Something the kids of today can identify with.

  4. Hooray! The notables are working again due to my switching to MagpieRSS. I just couldn’t work out the SimplePie issues. I found one of those helpful posts online where someone else had my exact problem but never got it fixed either. I hate those. The feeling of gloom as you keep scrolling and see that there’s just not enough length left in the thread for any helpful solution.