Number 1


My brother picked us Serenity #1 for me today. A comic book. Haven’t gotten me one of those in a while.

I’ll be using the fact that comics look a bit like books to put any review I do or do not do of these comics in the books section of grapefruit, which is frankly a bit paltry and could do with beefing up, anyhow.

The trouble with comics, of course, is how quickly you can read them. I idly intended to read the first page or two and before I knew it I was half-way. Silly little things.

And a minute later, I’ve gone and finished it. Damn.


One Response to “Number 1”

  1. Just in case anyone’s confused, Serenity is a comic book that bridges the gap between the cancelled TV series Firefly and the upcoming movie, Serenity. I should have mentioned that, probably.