New Blog


I have a blog now. It’s called The Great Escapism.

Everything remains here, for your enjoyment. I even fixed it in 2013. There were corrupt tables and everything.


2 Responses to “New Blog”

  1. With comment disabled so we can’t harass you! Clever.

    It looks pretty – any chance of an RSS feed? Apologies if it’s staring me in the face.

  2. There are ways to comment, I think, but you have to get a tumblr account yourself. Not sure if you need to actually make a tumblr blog but hopefully not.

    There is a feed, but no link to it. It should turn up in your URL bar if you’re using Safari/Firefox/Chrome with Google’s RSS extension.

    It looks pretty because I’ve used a standard theme. Give me a while to make my own and I can assure you it’ll stink :)