More of the Same


I saw Ted Baillieu, new leader of Victoria’s liberal party, on the ABC news today. Really impressive fellow. I’ve never seen such dedication to sounding so completely neutral. Even John Howard shows more character than this political automaton. Perhaps he’ll loosen up over the next few months, perhaps he’ll develop some character, and perhaps he’ll answer a question about how he’s feeling, or what he thinks, with something other than “I don’t think the voters care about that, I think they care about our policies.”

Because, frankly, people do care what sort of person you are, they care about your personality, they care whether you’re willing to take shit from the Prime Minister.

And surely — though it occurs to me I’m probably wrong about all of this — surely they want to see you smile, and laugh, and act like a human.

In any case, on a different note — I can’t comment on rumours that I still haven’t gotten atypicalreview’s new layout working correctly on Internet Explorer. There’s certainly no point speculating as to whether there are still pages out there that are practically unreadable. And any insinuations that the comments only got anywhere vaguely near complete today are baseless attacks on my character. That is all.


4 Responses to “More of the Same”

  1. Having watched ‘Enough Rope’ tonight, I would like Michael Leunig to be Premier. Or Prime Minister. Or someone who makes decisions, somewhere.

  2. “Hmm… I don’t approve of his Bart-killing policy… but I do approve of his Selma-killing policy”

  3. That abc news interview was woeful. There were a couple of times where it looked like he might break into a facial expression, but then he contained himself. This guy’s even worse than the last one. I know nothing about his politics but I can pretty easily say already that I’d never vote for him.

  4. Politicians are human?

    Having had little access to TV as it is, and Japanese TV at that, I have to say I have absolutly no idea about this Ted Baillieu figure. He sounds like one of those stereotypical boring guys that everyone thought too stereotypically boring to exist.

    I have to agree with you, Tom. Michael Leunig should be elevated to a high standing political position. If not for the amusing duck and goat references in Parliament Question Time, then at least for the ability to get amusing political cartoons before the issues are made public.