There’s a lot to like about London in the winter. First of all, when the sun is shining, it’s not horribly horribly cold. Secondly, if there are clouds, then you’ve got an excuse to a pub, which are everywhere, to have a beer and get out of the cold. Then you can try the excellent English fare, like pies with mushy peas, toad in the hole, black pudding. Matt managed not to say anything when I offered Hazel some spotted dick, either because he is becoming more mature, or because the family was present.

As a recent Doctor Who convert, I have taken this opportunity to visit some of the locations from the show. Alas, I could not find a blue police box, but I did however see Canary Wharf (which is looking very good after the recent battle there), the Globe Theatre (not the original one, which was burnt down, but a newly built one near where the original one was built), Big Ben (also repaired), the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. I also saw Torchwood on telly, which was an unusual experience.

Pros — Beer, pies, sausages. Cons — Far from Melbourne, prone to rain.



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