Jimbo Rides Again


As the world anxiously awaits my in-depth review of Serenity, sensible folk know there’s only one reviewer who can really be counted on as completely reliable. Yes, Mr Schembri, reviewing in The Age‘s ‘eg’ section. His (complete) thoughts follow:

Totally forgettable, throwaway exercise by director Joss Whedon (Buffy creator) who appears to have stapled together two episodes of his failed sci-fi TV show Firefly. A group of space pirates get involved in one of those civilization-saving space adventures that involve a lot of poorly delivered jokes and crummy digital effects of spaceships that look like cereal boxes.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a One-and-a-half-star review. So, now you know, folks — SEE THIS FILM. Jim amusingly gives Transporter 2 three and a half stars on the same page, noting that the lead actor never has more than one expression, that the main character gets “emotionally attached to a kid” (which sounds new and exciting) and lavishing all his praise on the action sequences (fair enough, of course). But this anti-TV snobbery seems weird.

“Poorly Delivered Jokes”? Can I maim him? Just a little?


8 Responses to “Jimbo Rides Again”

  1. That’s the same as the subtext of my Serenity review. At least I had the dignity not to spell it out for everyone.

    When will Joss Whedon realise that his tv show Firefly has failed?

  2. I want one of Jim’s cereal boxes so I can hang it from my ceiling.

  3. Which is the place that was stapled together? Where would the cliff hanger be if this was two episodes?

  4. So the story is a rework of old stuff? And what cereals do I have to stuff myself with?

  5. The story is in no way a rework of old stuff, though it does quickly retell Simon’s rescue of River in a new way at the beginning.

    You may get any cereal you want Hayko. I recommend Special K.

  6. Not Special K. All sharp and jagged. It will scratch your insides as you stuff yourself with it. Try Nutrigrain. Nice round corners.

  7. Round corners? You have though about this way too much.

  8. Thanks! If I ever in my life again attempt to eat cereals I’ll make sure they are rounded before.

    And I’m so glad to hear it’s no rework. So glad.