Harry Potter and th


Bloody sound issues bloody packed cinema bloody quiet bloody broken bloody one stinking free ticket bloody half-way though bloody opening night bloody near-riot bloody stupid bloody.


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  1. sounds like you guys had fun then.

  2. The end of the movie caught me by surprise. One of the characters was in mid-sentence. I guess we’ll have to wait for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Vol 2.

    I travelled for 40 secs to get to a cinema to see half a movie for free. Makes me so angry.

    If you buy a faulty product, you can return it for a refund or exchange. You don’t get two new products as compensation. Why should the cinema give you two tickets because they weren’t able to show you the whole movie?

  3. I booked opening night tickets over the internet, which cost me $1 extra per person — so I haven’t by any means gotten a full refund.

    Also, they spoiled the movie for us by only showing half of it. The ideal way to see a film is not to see half, then half again, then the other half. I demand compensation. Well, no, I don’t, but I think there’s a case to be made.

  4. (snickers)…and the best part is in the second half…(goes back to hiding)

  5. Saw it. Second half was awesome, especially the Yule Ball. Wasn’t so impressed with some of the prosthetics at the end but I checked the book and the description fits, nose and all.

    Looking forward to your review, Jess, if you’re done snickering! :)

  6. I would like connex to refund me when their trains don’t run on time. Will they be open to this suggestion?

  7. Connex never cancel their last train of the day — they’re always obliged to find one so they don’t strand people in the city. So the comparison doesn’t fit: there’s always another train, you don’t have to wait a day.

    Also, train riding is (rarely) an artistic experience. As I suggested above, the film is a little bit spoiled by seeing it in the peculiar way we did.

    Also, Connex do provide free tickets if (enough of) their trains don’t run on time.

  8. I didn’t like the 2nd half – much to predictable and far too young French witches. Do I really have to wait for Harry, the VIII until they are of age?

    And what’s with that World Championship, eh? Those scenes looked like a trailor nothing else.

    And what about these Spanish subtitles, did anyone else see them?

  9. Didn’t get no spanish subtitles. I think spending money on a quidditch world cup that was completely irrelevant to the plot might have been a waste.

    I didn’t see one of the final twists coming and I’ve read the book before.

  10. The world cup was not a waste, you needed it to introduce the idea of a portkey. Also, dark mark – got to meet young Barty Crouch. And it introduced Victor Krum.

    It would have been a waste of money if they had showed the match, but a bit of wandering in the woods to get to the portkey, and then a bit of dancing around in the tent…

    I think it was not only necessary, but its was cool. C’mon, QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP Tom! And you call yourself a fan…

  11. Sorry about that, didn’t make myself clear (though I never called myself a Potter fan). I was trying to say exactly what you said in your second paragraph in order to respond to Hayko’s criticism that that bit was like a trailer. I thought he was saying what you thought I was saying. I completely agree with what I think you’re saying.

    Is that all clear now? Good.

  12. Right then.