Things are quiet around atypicalreview, and it’s my fault. I’m a bad person. I can’t blame it all on my broken chair. It’s not like I’m not watching TV that I could be writing about. Dollhouse is steadily improving, and is supposed to get awesome next week, or so they tell me. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles continues to engage me, and I’ve scientifically proven that it’s not just because Summer Glau is in it. I like the general idea of John Connor and Skynet both reaching back through time, trying desperately to create themselves and destroy the other. Battlestar is one episode from ending and has staged a most unexpected comeback.

I should have reviewed Doctor Who‘s 2008 Christmas special as well, but ultimately it was just a little unremarkable, and so I’m having trouble remarking on it. There was a giant frickin’ robot stomping over Victorian London, and I can’t think of anything to say. That’s disappointing.

I still love those dots. I could change the subject to anything at this point and no one could argue. Unluckily for you, I’m changing it to the size of text.

I’m in the middle of a disagreement at work about what size text is ideal for a website, and what size is ‘standard’. A quick survey revealed that most of the more famous sites these days don’t drop below 13px. The Age hits 15px, as does The New York Times. Some have said the standard is 12px, but I don’t see the evidence, except in old timey 90s sites. Somewhere along the way I think everyone realised that there was no point in squinting. Or, more likely, we got bigger screens and so weren’t that fussed any more about squeezing everything in. Or, perhaps we actually decided to try to come close to vaguely respecting the default font size specified by the user.1

  1. Which is a bit of a joke, of course, because your average user probably never even thought about specifying the font size. And, if they did, they’d have to specify it at 20px just to get 16px on most sites.

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