Back and Forward


Two seasons of the new Doctor Who down. Both far better than I could have dreamed. Season two proved contentious in fan circles, but more acclaimed by the general public, it would seem — judging from improved ratings and audience appreciation figures.

In Britain. Yes, I’m well aware no one gives two hoots in Australia. That’s just the kind of genre-scorning boring people we are. Except for Lost of course. I still don’t get why that does so well.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share three of my favourite moments of the past season, and my three top hopes for season three. Actually, let’s say four. I’ve got too many. I’d be very interested to know other peoples’ opinions too. The best moments:

  • The Doctor proves what an over-curious psychopath he really is when he lets himself drop into the darkness in The Satan Pit.
  • The Doctor rides a horse through a magic window in The Girl in the Fireplace. This moment stands in representation of all the awesome moments of that story.
  • Rose kills the Devil in The Satan Pit. Girls are so hot when they’re annihilating evil forces from before time began.
  • Sarah and the Doctor say goodbye in School Reunion. For a sad fan like me this was fantastic.

Oh, there’s heaps more, but I should get onto hopes before this becomes too soppy.

  • More of the Army of Ghosts manipulative, quiet Doctor, and less of the Idiot’s Lantern shouty, bombastic Doctor. I didn’t find the shouting as off-putting as some, but it must be said, I really don’t think the “Nothing in the World” moment worked in that story.
  • A story set on Earth in a country that is not Great Britain, in a location that is not an underground bunker. We kind of had this in The Girl in the Fireplace but I want more.
  • The relationship between the new companion and the Doctor to be very different to Rose’s hero-worship. I liked Rose’s “I want to be the Doctor” arc this year, but I wouldn’t like to go there again. It got just a little too mushy by the end.
  • An awesome, brand-new, monster/race/evil thing.

That’ll do. The gods of television seem to be doing their best to keep me occupied with TV. Who finished the week before Stargate returned, Stargate will run until Battlestar Galactica and Torchwood start, and there’s christmas specials and more Stargate to fill in the gaps between then and season three. What an age we live in.


20 Responses to “Back and Forward”

    • I prefered the moment when Sarah found the Tardis, with her disbelief that the Doctor had returned and the spooky Tardis theme music.
    • The Doctor’s comments on the self-righteousness of being unarmed.
    • The Doctor’s line that he is always alright, moving despite our missing it the first time round.
    • And my extra moment is … the Daleks emerging from the sphere, no wait I changed my mind it’s actually the Daleks talking to the Cybermen … no it’s the bit when the guards and Yvonne applaud the Doctor, no I know, it’s when Rose says goodbye on the bleak beach.
  1. Jackson? Shannon? Anyone?

    Anyhow, they’ve announced today that they’re doing a story in New York so one of my list is checked off already.

  2. I guess Jackson and Shannon didn’t like any parts, as they’re not saying anything at all.

  3. By that logic, you’re hopeless.

  4. Ha ha. I have hopes you know. I have dreams. I don’t have to share them. I didn’t want to do this job. I wanted to be a lumberjack!

  5. Most of its faded from my memory already (like a steel trap, baby) but…

    • The whole of “The Girl in the Fireplace”. Just every minute of it. Best hour of television I’ve seen in ages. High competition for the best episode of anything, ever.
    • The end bit when she was saying goodbye to hologram-Doctor. Aaww. Why must season finales always make me cry??
    • I’m beating out a samba!!
    • “Yep.. still got it” after Rose/Cassandra kisses him

    In competition for the worst episode of anything ever would be “Love and Monsters”. Ick. Could have ruined the season if I hadn’t repressed the memory. Whatver Stargate comes up against that in a few weeks, it could suck to high hell and still win hands down.

  6. Go you ‘Girl in the Fireplace’.

    I think ‘Love & Monsters’ will probably take the crown as most divisive episode of Doctor Who, ever. Lots of love and lots of hate for that ep flowing around. Me, I was glad of the experimentation (and indeed pro-more experimentation) but re-watching the other day, I really think that everything after the dead mum montage (gosh that sounds crass) lets it down a lot.

    You wouldn’t believe it but there’s people out there that hate hate hated “I’m beating out a samba!” It truly does take all sorts…

  7. There’s an interesting thought. Best episode of anything, ever. Hmmm. Some suggestions:

    • Dr Who, Girl in the Fireplace
    • Buffy, Once More with Feeling
    • Buffy, Hush
    • Angel, The Prodigal
    • Angel, the series finale.. what was that called?
    • Dark Angel, The Berisford Agenda
    • Dark Angel, Blah Blah Woof Woof
    • Dark Angel, Pollo Loco
    • BSG, Pegasus
    • BSG, Downloaded
    • SG1, Window of Opportunity
    • SG1, Need
    • Firefly, Out of Gas
    • Farscape, Out of their minds
    • Farscape, Look at the Princess P1, 2 & 3

    They kind of go from best to worst in that order too, which was unintentional.

    This is all cos I’m supposed to be writing an essay.

  8. Interesting indeed. Some that I’d list:

    • Babylon 5, Interludes and Examinations
    • Doctor Who, The Empty Child
    • Doctor Who, The Parting of the Ways
    • Buffy, Becoming
    • Buffy, Earshot
    • Angel, Are you now or have you ever been?
    • Firefly, Objects in Space

    I’d have BSG favourites but because I watched all of seasons one and two in about 2 months they all sort of run together. Except Pegasus. Watched that on my shiny new DVDs yesterday with extra scenes and it still rocks.

  9. Watching the shorter version, there seemed to be a mystery about how the Pegasus escaped the inital fight, as if the cylons let them.

    SG-1, HeroesSG-1 2010SG-1 The ChangelingDark Angel, FlushedDark Angel, Rising

  10. Gah, I forgot the list thingy.

  11. 2010?!? Are you serious??

    I agree with your others Andy, mostly.

    Tom – Objects in Space is prob the best firefly, I’d forgotten that one.

    There should be an Alias episode in the mix here too, I feel. From season one or two. You know, before it sucked.

  12. I was hastily flicking through episode lists at work. On reflection 2010 wouldn’t make best episode ever.

  13. Well… good. I mean, its ok, but not the best episode of anything ever.

    Well then I say, 3 votes – Once more with feeling2 votes – Girl in the Fireplace1 vote – Angel series finale

  14. ‘Not Fade Away’ was the name of the Angel finale. I personally didn’t like it as much as some earlier episodes, mainly because of the Wesley dodginess as well as the Lindsay stuff. I should review that episode some time.

    I can’t cut them down to three. It’s too crazy.

  15. I only ever saw it the once. I didn’t even remember that Lindsay was in it. What did he do? I just remember the cool stuff. Specifically, the very end. But in hindsight you’re right, it doesn’t beat some of the other ones. I guess I’d put Pollo Loco for one vote instead.

  16. I would put Window of Opportunity or Heroes in the third slot.



  18. I’ll support you for the first, oooh, five eighths of ‘200’. But not in a BEST EPISODE OF ANYTHING EVER sense. These comedy episodes taking cheap shots at themselves are too easy. Even if they are really really really funny.

    On a side note, I’m thinking of having an Hall of Fame. Any staff writers will have the opportunity to nominate one item — book, tv episode, film, CD, whatever, to the hall of fame. Once a year, say. Anyone interested?

  19. Yep. Sure.