Is anyone watching Stargate Universe?


Is anyone watching Stargate Universe? And if so, should I be?


5 Responses to “Is anyone watching Stargate Universe?”

  1. I’m waiting for a few epsiodes to have passed first. Either it will be cancelled, or I can watch the whole season at once.

  2. A cautious move. I hear it’s going quite well so I suspect you’ll safely receive at least one season. Perhaps a SGU catchup marathon?

    (How could it go badly with such a solid TLA?)

  3. I appear to have stopped this post from randomly spawning multiple posts. It was like fighting the Hydra except much less exciting.

  4. Thanks Tom. Really! I just got over the end of SG-1 and now this. I had completely forgotten!

  5. I’ve been watching it. It’s semi-good. A bit like dollhouse – lots of potential.. still waiting for the stories to maximise on that potential, if that makes sense. This week’s episode was pretty bloody good. There have been one or two porkers though, and we’re only 8 weeks in. So there is good news and bad news.