This is a welcome change for Stargate SG-1.1 It’s always been light in the character development department, and has cliche tendencies. So when I see an episode like this, with believable conversations I feel a lot better about this season.

The episode starts at Jack’s house. Jack’s in this episode! Yay! It’ll be the old gang again. Except that Jack’s not at his house. And Daniel’s wagging his second consecutive episode. Tut tut. Looks like it’s going to be Mitchell and Landry having a deep and meaningful.

This had me worried after last week. I did not want those two sitting around with their trite military cliches for the whole episode. Thankfully they actually had something reasonable to say and we got a little more insight into those two. Landry’s not a push over; he has his standards about the military chain of command, even in something as unorthodox as the SGC. I liked seeing him in the field firing a weapon. It took Hammond seven years to get of base. He’s good at comedy too, when he gets a chance to show it.

Back on base, Vala, used to being independent, is having trouble fitting in. No one listens to her plans because she’s on the bottom of the heap. She’s uncomfortable about it and I hope it leads to something later in the season. SG-1’s procrastination over the first Ori super gate led her to doing her own thing which saved the team. SG-1 needs someone willing to act like her.

Her interactions with the rest of the team bring out better aspects of the others. Sam, in Vala’s presence, is less bland. She becomes a little defensive, and has sensible non-technobabble conversations with Vala. Sam explains things to Vala with disdain, but without talking down to her, like she does with the new hot doctor.2 Sam gives me the impression that she is hoping that by ignoring Vala, the challenge to her position as the female in SG-1 will go away. I’m happy to have the impression that Sam’s feeling anything at all.

There was a couple of other things that I liked: the beast flopping over when killed and the ranger. The former could be considered unfair as the beast had no gun but it was good to see everyone as a team shooting the beast. The later’s death was un-Stargate-like but a welcome change indeed.

  1. Especially after last week’s debacle. This week’s match up is ‘Uninvited’ v ‘Rise of the Cybermen’.
  2. I hope the new chick sticks around. I wonder where the old one is.
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15 Responses to “Uninvited”

  1. The hot xenobiologist has met Jessica Alba Click on the Dark Angel link.

  2. She is not hot, for one! I want the general’s daughter back. And I want more gory shots of the monsters. (Should I have said that right after the last sentence?) They obviously had 3D animations of it, so why not show more.

    Does this mean they lost another one of their gadgets?

  3. I think the new one is hot, but I think Dr Lam was hotter. I’m disturbed by your sick fetishes Hayko.

    The more shots you get rendered of a CG model the more expensive it is. They’re unlikely to throw in more just for the heck of it.

  4. Exactly Lam was better.

    Cheap bastards! They make enough money and still cut down on the 3D. But the argument that the actual creature didn’t matter since it was always another host and we did the source in more than enough detail works better for me.

  5. I reckon they give all their cash to Atlantis. Better sets, cooler spaceships, and SG-1 are stuck walking down all manner of interesting corridors before going offworld to look at the same old forest.

    Still, I did like not seeing the beast too much. Gave a bit more suspense.

  6. I used to hate not seeing the danger or monster in old movies when very young. Until someone explained me that suspense builds that way. And I said how is meant to build if I can’t see what is supposed to suspense me?

    And Stargate should really catch on there. Or else it will become a fading TOS good for old time’s sake.

  7. A bit of investigation shows that Lexa Doig (Dr Lam and Michael Shanks’ wife) has just had a baby, or had when they were filming, or whatever. That’s why she’s not in it at the moment and why Daniel took a few episodes off recently.

  8. That’s highly implausible. Hot women are unlikely to be married, even to actors. They’re supposed to be single so that people may fantasize about relationships with them.

  9. Fine, have it your way.

    There are rumours Lam will be back but I don’t look too closely at such things for fear of spoiling the episode for myself. One could almost call such rumours “spoilers” after the effect they can have.

  10. Did you know that in wikipedia, biographies of women have a category called ‘Natural Bust’?

  11. More accurately, biographies of Lexa Doig have categories called ‘Natural Bust’. I can’t find any others. I even checked Pamela Anderson’s biography.

  12. Maybe you should read about the First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush. I wonder how they found that out.

    It seems limited to the women of pornographic arts.

    I don’t why Lexia has that category.

  13. Wikipedia is being tricksy. Lexa’s page has changed.

  14. You get a different box based on your profession.

  15. I suspect someone who fancied himself a breast expert was going through recently assigning the porn template to non-porn stars.