As the last moments of the original Stargate series reverberate around the world, wise men elegantly articulate our loss:

  • “Alas poor SG-1, I knew them well”

  • “SG-1 was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.”

  • “What’s the point, when there is no Stargate SG-1 anymore.”

Indeed. Me, I’m not sure where to start. How does one summarise the end of an entire series? I feel disappointed, though whether that is just sadness at the departure of my favourite show, or that the final episode did not live up to my expectations: that Unending would be the best episode ever; that Unending would not end and I could be could be stuck in a Better Than Life simulation of SG-1’s universe. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

While my mind becomes accustomed to the post SG-1 world, I ponder other finales for other shows and I am consoled. Wonderfalls was cancelled after four episodes, just as it was about to hit its peak; Dark Angel was cancelled after the end of its second season, forever leaving us hanging; Buffy‘s last episode was a flaming wreck hurtling into the abyss, with Messrs. Plot and Logic having jumped off long ago.

Unending is a very good episode, strongly finishing off the final season, especially in light of what could have been. It’s just that … sniff, wavy hands I promised myself I wouldn’t cry … it’s, it’s just that there’s no more Stargate. Why should I get out of bed anymore?

Oh, you want to hear about the actual episode. I suppose so, as long as I can lie here in my pj’s while I tell you about it. It started with wit and sparkle — Teal’c and Mitchell, Vala and Daniel — discussing the long dreary voyage on the Odyssey. They’re going to meet with Thor, who wraps up the the Asgard plot line in record time.

The Asgard pimp up SG-1’s ride to the max, including the very best technology the Asgard own: the forward-facing laser (I believe that lasers that can fire backwards are banned under the intergalactic weapons treaty), the Asgard wikipedia and time dilation technology. The Ori, jealous because they’re not getting enough screen time this season, crash the farewell party and attempt to blow up the Odyssey. SG-1 slow down time, while they sort out the problem.

As the last episode, it appropriately contains many typical elements of an SG-1 episode. The main problem in the episode is the hole they dug for themselves and the rest of the episode is spent climbing out. Sam fails to fix the problem repeatedly. SG-1 uses suspect physics. The Odyssey is upgraded with sweet alien tech and then severely damaged. The problem is solved with explosions.

I liked it because of these elements. I loved the music and sound effects – the Ori ships rumbling across the screen and the chanting, the silence when time stops, the montage which is a rare occurrence in Stargate, Mitchell’s constant running, Teal’c’s distinguished grey streak, the idea that I would have enough time to catch up on my video games.

I have but one regret. I would have liked to see Jack one more time.

With SG-1 back in the SGC going about their daily routine galactic exploration, I see that, indeed, life does go on. Now, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to finish with a song.

“Annnd IIIIIIIIII I will alwaaays love yooouuuooouuuoououuuoouou, Stargate SG-1!!!!!!!!!!!!

That function is not possible. — Thor

6 Responses to “Unending”

  1. I thought this was excellent, or at least, well above their average recently. There’s two types of SG-1 finales as far as I can see – the big, bombastic and lame action cliffhanger, or the peculiar little character-heavy sci-fi story, like ‘Moebius’. This one was quite strongly the latter. Which is good.

    A beautiful, heartfelt review, Andy. When Who finishes it’s current 26 year run in 2030, I’ll be right there with you.

  2. You said it, Andy. The entire 10th season was kind of below average. So I went to read the rumors for the final finale and it promised mindbogling blowing and the like. It was a good episode, but nothing to ease the pain of the loss.

    It was excellent in one way: In being typical. We get super stuff, and we lose it again. Everything back to square one. Only Teal’c has additional wrinkels.

    It’ll feel weird using past tense: I loved Stargate.

  3. You got 10 years and you’ve got two movies and two spin-offs to come. You bloody whingers. See if you get any sympathy from a Firefly fan. Er, which I know you kind of are. So! See if you get any sympathy from yourself! Curses, you probably will.

    I’ll be over here.

  4. I want a life time of Stargate. But it would have to timed perfectly. I wouldn’t want to miss an episode just because I’m in a box all of sudden.

    Firefly is an excellent example. Thank you, Tom. I also want a life time of Firefly. ;)

    The difference is Firefly didn’t give off the euphoria “Oh yes, it’s Tuesday again!” only “Oh yes, I can go to uni tomorrow with no sleep and watch all episodes now”.

  5. Another day goes past without SG-1. I’m going to Egypt to find my own stargate.

  6. Great, I already got myself a DHD from in northern mythology believing places. Tell me when you have your stargate.