The Pegasus Project


As SG-1 embark upon the Odyssey, I silently wonder if this is its final flight. As it approaches the black hole and releases the stargate, I can see the sparks flying in the bridge. As the Wraith vessel closes in on the Odyssey, I can tell SG-1 will be forced to abandon the Odyssey by teleporting through the stargate and into Teal’c’s ship while everyone else dies because they can’t fit into the small tel’tak.

I’m surprised it’s taken 42 episodes for Daniel to get to Atlantis for a crossover. He seemed so keen to leave before. He finally gets there and speaks to an ascended ancient who could have rocked up on Earth at any moment and dropped the hints. He tries again unsuccessfully to persuade the stupid fat ascended to intervene but they stick to their principles, despite the obvious rule-breaking by the Ori. I’d be ticked off too. I like Daniel’s speeches. They contrast nicely with the rest of SG-1’s problem solving techniques. The twin approaches of nuclear weapons and diplomacy can fix anything.

I stopped watching Atlantis midway through last season, mostly because of McKay. He’s a great minor character, as he is in this episode, and I like his lack of selflessness and military gung-ho,1 but I quickly get sick of him when he is the focus of several episodes running. I’m not overly fond of any of the Atlantis bunch and the problem is exascerbated by the small cast: there’s no chance on that small Atlantian base that any of them can take an episode off. They’ve got nowhere to go.

My interest in Atlantis was killed when I heard about the episode with McKay and Sam, the two most annoyingest characters from SG-1 and Atlantis, together at last in the one episode. Not my idea of a good time. I wasn’t looking forward to his presence in this episode but as it turns out, his dorkiness outshines Sam’s faults and she is normal, nay pleasant to watch when he’s around. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Atlantis to watch to remind myself how lucky we are to have Sam.

The ending was explosively satisfying and slightly unexpected. Oh, and I was only partly right about the Odyssey.

  1. Also one of the three things I like about Vala. The other two reasons.
But I'm sorry, I want more. You can pass that on to your friends as well. I know you're listening, because I'm getting sick of hidden clues and cyptic messages. — Daniel

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  1. By the way, I apologise to everyone for the way that after adding a comment, you’re left on a blank screen. I think I know what broke it but my perfectly sensible way of fixing it didn’t work.

    On topic — This was more like it. Cool spaceships, big speeches and a good attempt to make this whole Arthur business seem more cool and less sucky. We’ve come a long way since last season’s dopey-looking Merlin.

    I like blowing up the Ori ship with a huge stargate opening. Very, very cool, that.

  2. I was going to mention that but it seemed too spoilery. Not that my reviews are spoiler free but I try to avoid revealing everything. It was cool, and I liked SG-1 luring the Wraith vessel past the smaller gate too.

    Perhaps the human ships could have dual layer shields. Much of the shock of the weapons makes it through the shield and causes sparks in the bridge. Perhaps two thinner shields would dampen that effect.

  3. I think seven shields could work even even better. Possibly ten if they could manage it.

    We’ve never had an official spoiler policy on ATR I suppose. I agree with your policy for TV reviews. Usually people watch a TV show, then read reviews, so I feel comfortable revealing most things. In film reviews I try to be very very un-spoilery.

    I think people can expect the comments to contain spoilers though. Luckily they’re on a separate page.

  4. In IE5, (not that anyone cares) the bottom of a lower case g or j is covered by the picture so the title of this episode looks like ‘Staraate SG-1 The Peaasus Proiect.

    Ten shields? What a stupid idea. The number of shields is in base 2, so they would have dual shields then quad shields then oct shields.

  5. I think that’s an IE thing generally. What a dilemma. Do I sacrifice my cool over-hanging letter tails so that millions of hundred thousandths of IE users don’t think this story is about peas?

    I might just add something to the IE stylesheet to push things down. There’s a few IE glitches at the moment but I’m lazy. I’ll get onto them soon.