Not Battlestar Galactica again. I can’t take another season of tragedy. Oh, please turn it off. They’re all going to suffer horribly aren’t they. I can feel a maiming coming on. Can we at least get this season’s infanticide out of the way quickly?

Oh no, Saul’s lost an eye. I knew I should’ve stayed watching Saul’s-still-got-two-eyes season 2. And his wife’s cheating on him. He’s got a fun time ahead.

Starbuck looks happy-ish. She’s got steak, a knife and a Cylon to stab. She is trapped by a crazy immortal Cylon who thinks he loves her but, comparatively, she’s well off.

The Cylons don’t look happy. Ruling by committee isn’t working. As robotic overlords, they’re disappointing. The Cylons have such mixed goals, I doubt that their “Plan” is going to happen

Tyrol and Cally seem happy despite the constant danger but I’m not going to get too involved. This is probably just setting them up for something horrible soon. Tyrol doesn’t approve of suicide bombings because he’s a wuss. The rest of the resistance and Adama know what has to be done to survive. Some people have to die; perhaps it should be those without loved ones to mourn them.

Fatty fatso Lee is another wuss. He doesn’t have confidence in his father’s ability to make miracles and is fat. He should sign up for the next season of Pegasus’s Biggest Loser.

New Caprica is a horrible place to live but don’t worry, the humans have a plan.

Fear is a key article of faith, as I understand it. — Brother Cavill

6 Responses to “Occupation”

  1. I don’t suppose we can have another picture instead of Fat Lee’s belly? It’s disgusting.

  2. He he, nope. It’s going to be on the front page. Fat Lee bellies for everyone!

  3. You are a sadistic bastard.

    This suicide bombing disapproval from the Cylons is irritating. Their moral stance seems to be so random as to be ridiculous. Are we supposed to think that they’re screwed up, or just taking moral stances for convenience’s sake?

  4. That comment is probably more relevant to the next episode, isn’t it? Sorry. I should review that.

  5. “How dare they use suicide bombings against us! We should cull them.”

  6. I vote screwed up. I find almost all the Cylons philosophical/moral musings annoying. It’s almost all complete bullshit. Like Keira in KotoR 2, except I think she was supposed to be right. Or at least make sense.