Oh Battlestar Galactica. How wrong I was to doubt you.

It irritates me, because I can’t really put my finger on what separates this episode from the ‘New Caprica’ set of stories. Perhaps it was watching people play out the last act in stories I didn’t get to see. Perhaps it was those bloody annoying Cylons acting hurt that humans would consider attacking them and then arranging a mass execution. In any case, it’s over now. We’re back on Galactica, and the gang’s all here.

I never thought I’d be the one asking for a reset button.

But I’m not, not really. Things are, to be a huge nerd, frakked up on the old rustbucket. Nothing is quite the way it was. The resistance leaders have decided in their infinite mercy that they need to execute all the traitors from New Caprica quickly, alongside ceremonies that resemble trials only in the very loosest sense. It’s creepy and disturbing, but unlike Ellen’s death, this time some of the other characters are complaining. I almost feel like there should be a word for the feeling you have when characters on Battlestar Galactica are being stupid and you’re waiting for Adama to find them and sort them out.1

Starbuck’s having issues coping with her ordeal. When someone offers her the chance to go about killing people as a coping mechanism she’s all in. Anders, who was Mr ‘Traitors deserve to die even if they’re your own wife’ last week, has had cold feet and is now trying to talk her out of it, and gets dumped for his trouble. This I liked; it brings us one step closer to resuming the tension between her and Lee, and it feels surprisingly real for her not to be able to comfortably settle back into the old routine after the nightmarish stuff she’s gone through.

For a second there, I thought things had become so topsy turvy that Tom Zarek had become one of the goodies, but luckily he came through for me. It’s unclear whether his presidential craziness has cost him an easy stint as Vice President or not. He can only be better than Gaius though; I assume he’d have run on a “I will not smuggle nuclear weapons about the fleet” platform.

Speaking of Gaius — he’s only just moved in with his girlfriend’s family and already it looks like he may be getting dumped.2 Poor bugger. I love that he’s been left with the Cylons — it’s nice to have a viewpoint character in their camp, and no one looks flustered and nervous better than Gaius. Gaeta used to be alright at it but now he’s gotten all cool and reserved under pressure. I like it when a boring character becomes awesome.

Farewell Jammer. We hardly knew ye.3

  1. Adama reminds me of Optimus Prime. He keeps everyone safe and he’s always right about everything. If Megatron kills him I’ll cry again.
  2. Not a good week for relationships, but possibly better than last week if your name is Ellen.
  3. Well, I sure didn’t. I’m reliably informed he’s been in the show in previous seasons but I’m buggered if I can remember him. I feel guilty.
Admit it, you need me! And I need you, too! Did you hear me? I... I need you too! Maybe I should have started with that. — Gaius

One Response to “Collaborators”

  1. It was the skipping of time that I disliked the most about the New Caprica section. Losing touch with the characters and not seeing their harrowing experiences made it hard to sympathise with their grumpy attitudes.

    If I’d been Gaeta, I’d have said ‘I told you so” to Starbuck. He missed a perfect chance to rub it in.