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The Curse is Lifted

Thank the heavens.

Speaking of money… filling out a tax return using the ATO’s e-tax program, is super-easy, if you’re like me and don’t do anything complicated like getting married, running overseas companies, accruing capital gains, getting old, or joining the defence force. There is one item that makes me think NTGF is due for some tax breaks, but I’m not sure they count as Australian Films for the purposes of the return.

However, they STILL haven’t gotten off their arses and made a Mac version. It’s not a complicated program, it can’t be that hard. I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t rub salt in the wound by always listing under the “system requirements”:

Apple Macintosh… with suitable PC emulation software.

The best thing about tax returns is the surprise Medicare bonus that I always forget about. You’re getting near the end, and you’ve only managed to get back around $250 of your $1250 in tax, and then suddenly it turns out you don’t use medicare and they’ll give you $235. Every year I forget about that, and every year it’s a happy surprise.

Does everyone else (in Australia) do their tax returns online? Or do you still use that crazy paper crap? Has anyone never gotten around to filling one out? Have the ATO come for you and your first born?

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