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Good food, good wine

10:43:55 AM: One hour late. Good start. I wants me some food. And wine.

11:13:14 AM: I’m live blogging the good food and wine show by the way. If I ever get in. The queue is long.

11:26:44 AM: Tasty pies! Get out of my way fat people!

11:37:23 AM: This yellow pancake is a bit stringy. Ew! It’s a shammy! Uck.

11:48:07 AM: There’s a big penis on the wine show screen! This is filth!

12:26:50 PM: What evil genius invented Ginger wine?

12:35:40 PM: 2007 Woodhenge is yummy. Mmmmm.

1:25:14 PM: Roast potatoes in chip form: Thomas Chipman rosemary and thyme.

2:12:27 PM: Honey doughnuts > non-honey doughnuts.

2:54:01 PM: My feet hurt and I’m a little tipsy. Time to leave.

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The Age on a Page

If anyone uses RSS and likes The Age, then this could be the feed for you. Using Yahoo Pipes, I’ve made a tiny change to the Age’s Top Headlines feed, so that it always links to the “single page” version of the article. Here it is.

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