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Merry Christmas to All You at Home!

The Queen has a Christmas message, Dame Edna has a Christmas message. And so, I thought, us happy folk at should have a message too.

Unfortunately, I only thought of it on the night before Christmas, and I’m tired. Visions of sugar plums and all that. I’ve made the upsetting discovery that I’m hopeless at wrapping presents. If I tell you that, does it count as a message? Probably not. Not a very exciting one at any rate.

Let the message, then, be “I want turkey” and leave it at that. Oh, and something about goodwill, and peace, and love. If everyone could make it a target this year to kill one person fewer than they did in 2006, the world could be a better place.

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The Christmas Invasion

Read this review…

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Everything’s a bit quiet around here at Christmas time. I’m busy, of course, buying presents, and relaxing, and watching The X-Files, and gleefully anticipating Doctor Who‘s ‘The Christmas Invasion’. But I thought I’d just blog about a few random things to keep things ticking over here.

  • There’s a bit of a TARDIS invasion going on in the ‘Recent Weblogs’ section. Can no one save us?
  • Talkback callers continue to whinge about Christmas not being as Christmassy as it usually is. I haven’t actually noticed anything different, but if there is I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a reaction against the commercialisation of Christmas.
  • But then, Southland has been insanely busy all week, so that’s not likely.
  • I’m rubbish at watching proper television now. I need to get an EyeTV, or a DVD recorder, or something. I have only the vaguest of awareness of what day it is at the best of times.
  • I’m in the next St Leonards Old Collegians Association musical, in the chorus, but I have one scene as a crazy spiritual therapist called Dr Mandril. And I’m supposed to do it in an American accent. If Jess or Sara are reading this they’re probably cringing already.
  • Speaking of, where’s the Harry Potter review, Jess? Don’t give me that “I’ve got a full time job and a life and it’s Christmas and I’m busy” excuse. Do you know how often I hear that?
  • Finally, Andy and Matt have gone to Perth for the holidays to be with their families. This slightly reduces the number of gaming systems Andy has access to, and it’s my fervent hope that he might write something for Grapefruit again.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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