Colbert in Australia


If your new year’s resolution was to watch more The Colbert Report, then you’re set. It is now being broadcast, ad-free, on ABC weekdays at 7:30pm. And, more importantly, is also on iView.


4 Responses to “Colbert in Australia”

  1. Ew. These mini posts are a bit gross when you click on them. I should fix that some day.

    Anyhow, my point is: What’s up with the lack of widescreen? iView doesn’t have it and nor do the iTunes editions. It’s a little annoying having Colbert make jokes at the expense of the non-widescreeners when I can see no reason why I should be amongst their numbers.

    I haven’t decided to stop buying the show yet. It’s super convenient being able to watch it on my iPhone either by itself or plugged into the TV. With iView, it’s my computer, or my laptop plugged into the TV which isn’t as easy.

  2. I didn’t want to complain about standard definition or lack of widescreen because it seems rude when it turns up free on iView. I assume there’s some valid technical reason why we don’t get widescreen. ABC has the best online videos of any network in Australia and bought the rights to show Colbert over the air and online, so I’m going to cut them some slack.

    At least now there is a choice between a decent free version and a paid version. Have you tried using iView on your PS3?

  3. I haven’t tried iView on the PS3. It has some rudimentary flash support so it might work. It is awesome though. I’ve been catching up on The IT Crowd.

    I agree you shouldn’t be churlish. I however am still paying for my episodes so I’ve got slightly higher churl-rights. AND, they had an extra-long interview today and failed to put the whole thing in the digital copy as they’ve done in the past for some reason. Grumpy Tom.

  4. Good news everybody! Colbert is now in widescreen and the Daily Show is now on ABC2 and iView.